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Thread: New Reality TV show - Warrior Challenge -Starts May 6

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    New Reality TV show - Warrior Challenge -Starts May 6

    From PBS.com

    They may be tough enough for some of today’s most demanding jobs, but will a group of marines, U.S. Air Force personnel, riot police and athletes survive a few days in the worlds of long-lost warriors? Viewers find out in WARRIOR CHALLENGE, a light-hearted approach to “hands-on history,” the genre made popular by series like THE 1900 HOUSE and FRONTIER HOUSE. The four-part series airs on PBS Tuesdays, May 6-27, 2003, 9:00 p.m. ET (check local listings).

    In the four one-hour episodes, intrepid American and British volunteers travel back in time to live, train and fight as knights in a medieval castle, centurions along a Roman Empire outpost, Vikings and gladiators. Throughout, WARRIOR CHALLENGE adheres to the historic details of each era, accurately simulating the customs and activities particular to each one. The series follows participants as they engage in combat drills, don their best armor, exhaust themselves during rigorous athletic tasks, learn to handle an arsenal of weapons with hard-to-pronounce names and the potential to do some serious bodily harm, feast on traditional gruel and party into the wee hours of the night at a Scandinavian jarl. Each installment culminates with an authentic competition, during which the “warriors” duke it out using pilums, scramsaexes, halberds, tridents and the like.

    “One of the best things about WARRIOR CHALLENGE is the way it’s as amusing as it is educational,” said Beth Hoppe, the series executive producer. “The re-creations of bygone environs and traditions are valuable history lessons, but the overall package is really entertaining.”

    WARRIOR CHALLENGE kicks off with “Romans” (5/6), during which eight volunteers get a taste of what it meant to be a soldier of the great empire. They carry 60-pound kits during demanding training exercises and learn to master a bewildering array of swords, javelins, pilums and the backhanded tricks integral to Roman warfare. It’s quite an ordeal, but they do have time for some R&R in a traditional Roman bath.

    “Knights” (5/13) travels back to the “day of the knight.” As new squires at a castle, a mounted policeman and a polo player learn the fine arts of dueling, swordplay and wearing armor. Falcons carry their secret messages, arrows pierce apples (and other stuff) and coats of arms are chosen. During a dramatic joust, each tries to shatter his opponent’s lance while remaining upright — and not uptight.

    “Vikings” (5/20) chronicles the experience of a squad of marines and police officers as they pit their skills against life in the Dark Ages. They train hard by day, then chow down on traditional Viking fare and fresh-brewed mead by night. Eventually, defensive shield walls and longboats come into play; who gets a better grip on Viking scramsaexes, shortswords and axes, the British or the Americans?

    The last episode, “Gladiators” (5/27), offers a journey to a different Roman world, one in which combatants duel before a live audience rather than defend their country. WARRIOR CHALLENGE places Royal Marines in a gladiators’ oval, where they receive basic training in the science of gladiator combat, from shield-fighting to the wielding of tridents and nets, and face one another in an epic battle that tests the limits of their physical endurance.
    Starts this Tuesday night on May 6 on PBS.
    It's on at 8pm CST. This link will give you the schedule for your local listings.

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    Combat Missions fans check this out

    I"m definitely going to check it out. I've been itching for an action reality-tv show since Combat Missions was canned.

    Of course, I'll also watch Eco-Challenge, but this Warrior Challenge sounds interesting to me.

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    Conquest is so much better. I find Warrior Challenge a bit of a bore.

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