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A clip was shown of Ruby meeting with her childhood doctor, who mentioned he used to see Ruby and her mother once a week. Ruby asked why she was being seen weekly, and what she was being treated for, but the doctor didn't really give an answer. He did mention that he suspected Ruby's mother was over-feeding her as a way to protect her from being attractive to people. Later, they showed another clip with Ruby, her mom, and the doctor. Ruby's mom mentioned she (the mother) had been diagnosed with clinical depression, and Ruby asked if something had happened to her (the mother) to prompt the depression. Ruby's mom answered, "something had almost happened." She went on to loosely describe a scene between her, and an older male relative of hers when she was a young girl. The mother really didn't go into details. I gathered that Ruby's mom was trying to protect Ruby from going through something similar, and that was the beginning of Ruby's weight gain. It was all kind of vague, and I'm not sure if the episodes will delve more into the issue or not. I found it odd that the doctor would keep treating Ruby every week, if nothing was truly "wrong" with her. I'm not criticizing the doctor b/c I'm sure there are more details he just can't remember, since it was so long ago. It just seems odd. I think this season will also show Ruby dealing with anger towards her mother - they showed a little bit of her anger starting to come out with her mother during the scene with the doctor. Ruby mentioned to Oprah that she now weighs a little under 350 lbs. You can really see the weight loss in her face. I'm happy for her. Although she still needs to lose more weight, I think her appearance to other people now won't make them react so rudely as they once did when she was considered really obese (I'm not sure what weight someone needs to be to be considered "obese," so I'm not trying to offend anyone). It just seems like now she can walk through crowds, without having people stare at her.