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Thread: The Real Estate Pros

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    The Real Estate Pros

    The Real Estate Pros takes viewers inside the world of Trademark Properties for an eye-opening and unapologetic look at the world of real estate. This fast-paced series takes viewers along for the ride, as it reveals the true reality of making money in real estate.

    With a stellar lineup headed by team captain and Trademark Properties founder, Richard Davis, the team brings a whole new meaning to real estate.

    Each week, Richard and Ginger, his sassy and highly savvy investment coordinator, along with the rest of the team, locate, renovate and profit from the most challenging projects they can find.

    Their secret? Make your money when you buy, get the job done right and get it done fast.

    Richard and Team Trademark pull off what everyone else says is impossible and that's just the way they like it! Whether it's a house that's been on the market forever, a condo or historic building, a restaurant or a community project, Team Trademark does what no one else can or at least, what no one else has the guts to try.

    The Real Estate Pros: TV: Home Guide: TLC

    Season 2. Tonight @ 07:30 EST
    Richard is surprised to hear that his brother, John, is opening up a restaurant. With most of his time spent on site and away from the office, Richard has growing concerns that John is collecting a paycheck and neglecting his Trademark responsibilities.

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    Re: The Real Estate Pros

    Quote Originally Posted by jguitar;3595822;
    Each week, Richard and Ginger, his sassy and highly savvy investment coordinator . . .
    And, as I've read elsewhere, his wife as of April, 2009.

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    Re: The Real Estate Pros

    The Carolina's, lying, cheating bastards just like every one else!!! Whatever fits their


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    Re: The Real Estate Pros

    Is this finally a new season? It seems like it's been 2 years since they last aired!!

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