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Each restaurant will serve Italian food at lunch on Italian Day. Marco prepares a tuna steak in 5 mins. He says the secret is having everything prepped. The challenge is for each team to prepare a pasta and entree, with each chef doing one dish. They have20 min to prep and 10 min to cook. Lisa and Kelsey both want to do a pasta dish. Kelsey lets Lisa do the pasta and she does scallops. Dean does a carbonara with kalamata olives (he says it's his grandmother's recipe) and I think Angie does a shrimp dish. Marco likes Kelsey's dish best and Lisa's least and gives the win to the black team. For their prize, they get a top-of-the-line espresso machine and someone to run it.

The teams go food shopping in Little Italy. The red team buys premade ravioli. There will be no menus, so the servers will have to be able to describe the dishes. Angie is head chef for the black team; I guess Lisa is for the red, though it either wasn't made clear or I missed it. Marco goes to each restaurant with Mario Batalli; a food critic from Gourmet magazine and his wife go to each restaurant; and various cast members from The Sopranos go to each restaurant.

Vince Pastore dines at Crimson and goes to the kitchen before he leaves to tell chefs he enjoyed the food. The food critic is ignored for a bit when he goes to Crimson. At Soul, another Soprano actor and his party wait about an hour and a half for their food and then aren't that happy with it. There are children climbing on the bar and crying because they're hungry. Marco is there with Mario and is embarrassed and they leave without eating.

The food critic said Soul's antipasto was like something served on an airplane, the clams were gritty, the carbonara with kalamata olives was strange and had bits of egg in it, and the veal was tough. The critic thought Crimson's veal was also tough and called them on using premade ravioli and what tasted like canned sauce (all tomatoes had been recalled, so they used canned tomatoes to make the sauce). The critic gave the win to Crimson.

Marco is most upset about the children not being fed. He asks for an explanation from the black team. Angie, wagging her finger at Marco, defends herself. Marco tells her not to point her finger at him. Shari says there is no excuse for what happened, that they failed. Angie goes into another defense, again pointing her finger at Marco. Angie and her daughter are asked to leave. Marco says they were only thinking about themselves whereas Dean and Shari were truly concerned about what had happened.