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Thread: ESPN's Dream Job

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    Anyone still watching?

    There are 4 left: Mike Hall, Maggie Haskins, Aaron Levine, and Zach Sellwyn. I'm pumped, cause I like all 4 of these! Stu says America will decide this Sunday, which probably means America will have a 20% vote like all the other episodes.

    I thought the last episode was funny when Kit was being nice to the competitors, and Tony compared her to Paula.

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    This show is good, surprised no one here watches it.

    I'm liking Mike though..

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    For those of you that watched Dream Job and then watched the "Play for Salary" segment on SportsCenter, I need a little help. Which of the questions they asked Mike am I missing?

    Who won the 2003 NBA Championship?
    At which catcher did Roger Clemens throw a piece of broken bat in 2000?
    What was the last MLB ballpark to install lights for night games?
    Who won the 2003 NCAA Men's B-Ball tournament?
    How many Grand Slam titles has Andre Agassi won?

    BTW, was anyone surprised at how well Mike did in the "Play for your Salary" segment after how poorly he did in the Al Jaffe quiz and the trivia showdown? I didn't expect him to do well, but the questions were pretty easy.
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    I love this show, and am kind of rooting for Maggie, with Zach a close 2nd.

    I taped it and haven't watched it yet, but...

    I'm pretty sure from the promos that America (us) gets 100% of the vote this time, but we'll see. I suspect the first hour had the judges cut it down to 2, and then we cut it down to 1. Can't wait to watch ... so much so that I was looking here to hope to find out who the winner was.

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    I have to say, ESPN did a credible job with this show. The contests were varied and fair, and I was a little surprised at the winner, but the final four deserved to be there.
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    I agree. I really hope Zach gets a job somewhere. I really, really like him. I'm fine with Mike winning and I'm sure Aaron and Maggie will be fine.

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    Well, didn't Al Jaffe say something like "Zach, you're not an anchor, but you'd make an awesome feature reporter." ? That almost sounds like a job offer....

    And Maggie is 21 and still in college! I'm sure she'll be able to find a job after graduation with this experience under her belt. I think Aaron is still in college at Stanford, also.

    I caught Mike this morning on Sportscenter, looking like he's been there forever

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    Anybody catch what Mike said to Aaron when he was announced the winner? All I heard him say was, "you know that, man." I think he was as surprised as I was that he was chosen--he was pathetic in the trivia showdown.

    I think Maggie should stick to writing and think she will probably get a job doing so from this. I also think (hope) Aaron and Zach will have some great prospects from their exposure.

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    I only caught the first episode of this show. But I saw Mike on SC yesterday and thought he did a really great job. Didn't look nervous at all. Good for him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthless Babe
    Anybody catch what Mike said to Aaron when he was announced the winner? All I heard him say was, "you know that, man."

    I heard him say "Good things are coming to you, you know that, man."

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