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Thread: True Beauty

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    Re: True Beauty

    Quote Originally Posted by stacerace;3266152;
    I DVR'd this so I'll watch it tomorrow but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your new AV Krom. I don't know how you can get so creative with Mr T but you surpass yourself everytime
    There's apparently a whole web subculture, one of those memes people talk about, surrounding T, which I don't particularly participate in, but it means there's a LOT of fan-made art and such to be cribbed from the web. I don't design any of it, but its come to amuse me.

    For a couple years previous I'd done the same with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, but then realized that T is much more "unlikely", ergo its more amusing.

    Back to this show for a bit...

    This: True Beauty - Tyra On True Beauty - ABC.com

    Says that Miss Tyrant actually devoted her show today to this. I'm curious if anyone here actually SAW it.

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    Re: True Beauty

    I refuse to watch Tyra's show. I did watch this, though and will all season. It is going to be a trainwreck of joy. I just want to see the looks on their faces as they are told about the entire competition.

    And the trashing of the pictures? Genius.

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    Re: True Beauty

    Chelsea needs to be told she is nothing but smoke and mirrors.You would need to be on a Cheech and Chong high to find that girl beautiful. I was wondering what was going to happen first. I thought either her face would crack or her fake eyes would fallout.

    Hidelah or whatever she calls herself needs to get over it. Ugly to the bone from the core out.

    I can honestly say I found none of them hot except for CJ. Now he was a drink of water I wouldn't mind drowning in.lol. I also liked that he wasn't buying that fake beauty score. The rest of them are shallow and reall need to seek help and a mirror.

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    True Beauty on ABC

    Did anyone see this on ABC? It's on at the same time as "Momma's Boys" but I found myself switching between ther two.

    The premise is that the contestants--male and female models--think they are in a beauty contest--but they are being judged on "inner beauty"--like how they treat other people.

    Mildly entertaining. Especially a segment in which a "beauty doctor" marked up their faces and told them about all their "flaws" and how unattractive they were.

    Hilarious watching someone who thinks they're "perfect"--as they've already announced to the other contestants--getting the kind of cruel scrutiny they usually give to everyone else.

    I'll watch at least one more week to see how this developes.

    Exectuive producer is Ashton Kutcher and two of the judges are Cheryl Tiegs and an achor from one of the entertainment news shows--Maria Menudos?

    I'll try to find the official announcement and info.

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    Re: True Beauty on ABC

    I started to watch it but couldn't get beyond the introductions...it was soooo over the top with how conceited and superficial these people are, that I called a halt. While I'm sure that their comeuppance will be satisfying, I'll stick to The Bachelor and maybe Momma's Boys.
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    Re: True Beauty on ABC

    I loved it. Of course the contestants are over the top and full of themselves but thats what makes their downfalls so enjoyable. The hidden camera segments where we see what kind of people they really are, were great. Loved that guy carrying all the coffee at the end and seeing who helped him or not. Cant wait til next week.

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    Re: True Beauty on ABC

    I thought for sure the blonde guy was related to Mike Boogie.

    And the chick with all the makeup that ended up in the bottom two... When she said she had the face of a celebrity, I thought "Yeah, Barbara Mandrell." http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2008/specials/beauties/everyage/barbara_mandrell.jpg

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    Re: True Beauty on ABC

    I loved it. Very funny stuff. I think the right person got the boot last night, especially after she cut in front of the coffee guy and let the door slam in his face - nice.
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    Re: True Beauty on ABC

    I enjoyed this show. I laughed at how superficial they all were. The booted girl was definitely the right choice. She's still delusional. She had all kinds of excuses for why she did the stuff behind the scenes that she did, stating they hadn't seen the real her. But the by the nature of what they showed it was the real her, she didn't know she was being filmed!! The funny/sad thing is that she couldn't stop being delusional long enough to take a good look at herself.

    I think it will be interesting to see how the other bootees react when they are kicked off and shown that they are not just looking for outside beauty.

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    Re: True Beauty on ABC

    I really enjoyed this one-hard to imagine that these contestants were so stuck on themselves. I thought it hilarious how bad the one that they sent home felt-and then to see how crappy she treated others and then she saw how others viewed her-what a witch! I'll be watching this one!

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