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Thread: Ground force

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    Ground force

    Has anyone seen the British show called ground force.it's fabulous.Basically it's "while you were out" for gardens.I am addicted to it .Especially this time of year when it's getting nicer outside and I am doing a bit more out in the garden.I just wondered if anyone else thought it was as great as I do.

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    GF is a good show, hollywoodbarbie...We are able to watch it pretty often at our house and have picked up some good ideas/hints from them...

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    It's one of my BBC favorites, creative and realistic at the same time. What is their budget btw? Or do they just go with whatever the owners have available to spend?

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    I love this show.
    I think the budget differs from week to week, I've certainly seen them work with different budgets.

    They work wonders with some of those gardens.
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    I think that the few times I have heard the budget mentioned it has been about 1000 pounds. Not sure it that is what they always use though! I love Ground Force. Allan, Tommy and Charlie are so funny together, but also incredibly talented!

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