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Thread: Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo)

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    Re: Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo)

    Yay! is it me, or is Bravo dropping the ball on announcing upcoming shows? Seems like they are waiting till the last minute lately...
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    Re: Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo)

    Quote Originally Posted by critical View Post
    tabatha is returning for a fifth season on bravo, starting april 4th!

    the dish - tabatha's taking over april 4th! - blog - bravo tv official site
    Yeah!!! TY

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    Re: Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo)

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff View Post
    Yay! is it me, or is Bravo dropping the ball on announcing upcoming shows? Seems like they are waiting till the last minute lately...
    I think so. I just happened to be watching a little marathon of Tabatha this morning and googled out of curiosity to see if they'd renewed her. I haven't seen any commercials promoting the new season.
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    Re: Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo)

    Hooray! I keep looking on Bravo to see if there are any new shows.

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    Re: Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo)

    My daughter was the first to find this show and now we watch together. I haven't seen any previews/advertisements so THANKS for the heads-up Critical.
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    Re: Tabatha's Salon Takeover (Bravo)

    Any news on Tabitha's new episodes yet? I really do like her - and her shows. Wonder if she's not mean enough for Bravo.
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    Re: Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo)

    Love this show! I've been seeing previews the last few days on Bravo.
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    Re: Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo)

    Yay! love this show, love Tabatha!
    please let us know if anyone hears when it starts.

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    Re: Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo)

    Not a fan of the new kinder/gentler Tabatha.
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    Re: Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo)

    But I did like the black jacket too...dang!
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