Anyone been following the aussie Contiki channel on youtube? They're having a stab at a reality approach to promoting their tours.

Last week they set up this young virginal kid (Gavin) as an intern for one of the really hip, cool, and sexy advertising agencies in Sydney and on his first day sprung him with a spontaneous Contiki tour to Europe, complete with a camera crew to follow him around, and they gave him just 2 hours to get to the airport. First thing he does is call his mum of course...!

I like the idea ... wish I had been given that opportunity...

Every day they release a new clip with highlights of what he's been getting up to. Will be interesting to see what Gav can get away with over there, and if he can ditch the cameras for some ACTION!! So far its been a lot of sight-seeing with the odd beer here and there... hope he grows some balls and starts to give it a nudge!

From what I've heard, Contiki is non-stop party so he has no excuses!