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Thread: Blind Date - TNN

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    I love "Blind Date"! It's hilarious. So much funnier when the couples DON'T get along. If they did, it would be called "Bland Date" Although there was this one that the couple got along fabulously, & it was still hysterical (but gross):
    They were really hitting it off, & she was like a total nut, & she was talking about puking, & diarrhea, & boogers with the guy. I was like OMG & WTF? But it was so funny b/c of the weirdness of it. Then ~ and this is really gross ~ they ate each other's boogers. It was bizzare. Then they made out in the hot tub. Why do all these dates end up in a hot tub?

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    Hmm.. I have maybe seen this show once. It comes on at 1:30am in the morning. I was just curious about Roger Lodge the host, does he do much talking?? I'll have to have tap eit sometime. I tried to find some info on him, but couldn't find much. I was just curious.

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    Any other Blind Date fans out there?! It comes on every weeknight (or morning, whatever) at 1am where I live and I record it everynight. Anyone been following the Project Blind Dates? Anyone think Project Brent is a total tool?

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    I used to just looove this show, when I was single. After I got married, we'd watch it, turn to each other after every show and on cue say, "It's scary out there!"

    jman - Roger Lodge doesn't talk much. He just introduces each segment. He's pretty easy to take.

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