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Thread: The Real World Las Vegas Finale

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    The Real World Las Vegas Finale

    Hey everyone I'm new here. Nice to meet you guys.

    So did anyone watch the Finale of The Real World Las Vegs?

    I personally thought this season was the Worst in Real World history. The finale was the best episode by far. The rest were filled with hooking up and drinking. I hope Paris is much better.

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    I didn't see it, Rg, but I did want to welcome you to the site. We're glad you're here.

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    The only people that I don't think are idiots are Frank, Arissa, and Brynn. I hated seeing the Trishelle & Steven and Alton & Irulan dramas. I've had enough of them!! Did Trishelle have to be the one with last comments? Ugh...

    Next one: Paris

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    FORT Fogey
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    I don't think it was the worst one ever, but it was certainly up there. All the hooking up and partying really got on my nerves. And what happened to their jobs at Rain? That got forgotten towards the end of the season. They really just all got along too well.

    Paris should be interesting. I enjoyed the London season, but this will be better, especially if there are some language barriers.

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    FORT Fan Iamsohooked's Avatar
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    Cool - they're going to Paris next?? That should be interesting. I didn't like Vegas at all. It was all about who was drunk and who was sleeping in who's bed. Brynn was forgotten about in the middle of the show and we didn't really get to see Frank as much as we could have. Too much focus on Steve and Trishelle. Never could figure out the Irulan/Gabe relationship. If she was so in love with Gabe, whywould she be jealous of Alton dating?? I just didn't find anything too interesting, kept watching to see if it would get better - never did.

    Give me a Miami or Hawaii or New Orleans anyday!

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