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Thread: Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious

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    Re: Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious

    I finally watched (I'm so behind the curve all the time lol) and I have to admit that I'm such a freaking sap that I actually got water in the eyes when the reveal came...even though I already knew who was in the group!

    My take on why Charlie was let go (I know none of them really spell their names right but bah, can't remember the way they spell them). Anyways, watching that video? I kept wondering if Tiffany was let go and Charlie put in? Especially with her bangs cut just like Charlies. So...I think the two were too much alike and they wanted more "diversity" so they let her go? Plus she just plain had a poor attitude. I thought the video was alright....about the same crap all the other pop stars/groups are putting out. I did LOVE what they did to Chrystina's hair though. Girl looks awesome with those blond high lights and I thought all the girls looked beautiful in the video (they sang? didn't notice lol and I think that was the whole point)

    I agree with the rest of ya'll in that the boat video was so much better than the one they put up. Also by doing a 4 member group vice a 3 member? They ensured that one girl wouldn't be on the outs and that it will be split right down the middle with 2 being BFF's and the other 2 being BFF's. *rolls eyes*

    I loved Ilsa and Jenah (the one who reminded me so much of the girl from last season who couldn't dance). My dream group would have been Carrie, Jenah, and Ilsa but I guess they weren't "typical" enough?

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    Re: Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious

    Hmmm... my dream group would be Melissa R., Chelsea and Carrie. I'm not sure exactly how they would blend together, especially with Carrie being much older and more of a rocker, but I'm already imagining the CD cover

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    Re: Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious

    Quote Originally Posted by Tickety;2946781;
    I totally agree! The music videos are just BAD. In Stupid Sh*t all of them take off their tops and skirts and shake them in the air. Like Me is practically soft porn.

    These girls can actually sing and dance. Making them walk around in bikinis while performing seems to be compensating for lack of talent, when they do have talent. When they did the "interview" with Mark McGrath on Extra and were talking about what Girlicious meant to them, most talked about how they wanted the group to tell young girls that it's good to be confident and to be sexy. Looks more like they're telling girls to be strippers to me.

    Anyhoo, it was an entertaining show. I'm glad they didn't split Natalie and Chrystina.
    Like Me is far from being soft porn in my opinion, I think it's a sexy video but it's classy at the same time. The video for Stupid Sh*t is kind of cheap but I think that is sort of the point of the song, though. I don't think it's meant to seem as trashy as it does, I think that it's just meant to be fun and playful

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