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Thread: Clash of the Choirs: 12/17- 12/20 on NBC

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    Re: Clash of the Choirs: 12/17- 12/20 on NBC

    Quote Originally Posted by cntmfan;2731074;
    I do feel bad for Patti. She put all her effort into the choir and they were the best the first two nights and they lost. I mean I guess America can't really handle a strong woman. If roles were reversed, and it was a strong man they wouldn't be so dissed. Gender roles suck.
    I have to agree with the others. Patti did not have a choir. Their role was very small compared to the soloists she chose. Nick consistently used choir arrangements.

    I don't think people voted for Nick because Patti was a strong woman. I voted for Nick because his choir was best.

    Patti showed what she was made of when she walked off stage when the winner was announced. A strong woman is not a poor loser. Kelly was the epitome of grace when her choir lost. She stayed strong and positive. Patti could learn a lot from that "Child."

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    Re: Clash of the Choirs: 12/17- 12/20 on NBC

    I am from Oklahoma, so was rooting for them. I though they did a great job, and appreciated Shelton's sense of humor, especially toward the other stars. I thought it was clear that he was deliberately mispronouncing Lachey ...

    That being said, while I was rooting for team Oklahoma, I was hoping that Diva's team didn't win. It wasn't about whose star had the best talent, it was about the choirs. I've been in choir forever, both church and school, and Lachey blew the top off. The cincher to me was "Flight of the Bumblebee". Awesome.

    I got tired of the "who has the most tearjerker story" competition. Loved the military guys from Oklahoma, and they weren't exaggerating when they described the devastation in our state. Liked the father/daughter story of Lachey's team, and since my oldest daughter spent time in the Neonatal Intensve Care Unit in Oklahoma, I was rooting for them too. Loved the Silver Fox in Bolton's choir. She had a great attitude!

    Glad that every choir brought home some $$ for their charity, and glad that of the final 2, the best choir won.
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    Re: Clash of the Choirs: 12/17- 12/20 on NBC

    While Patti LaBelle is one of the most awesome performers of our time, I didn't think she had the best choir. I do agree that Nick's was the best. In the same vein, although I missed the first night, I thought Blake Shelton's choir was the worst. His soloists sang off key consistently and there was one or two that I had to wince from the bad notes.

    For my money, Michael Bolton should have been in the finale rather than Blake. Additionally, Michael's performance of When A Man Loves A Woman, was in my opinion, right up there with awesome as Patti's Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

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