Has anyone seen commercials for this new reality/game show called "Nothing but the Truth" that FOX has in the works. I saw one the other day and thought it looked like a really bad idea (mostly for the contestants)!
Here is a blurb from broadcastingcable.com
Fox Gets Nothing But The Truth
Colombian import hitting the US

Fox has picked up Colombian game show import Nothing But The Truth.
The game show routinely draws over 50% of the total TV viewing population in Colombia, and has been syndicated in 23 other countries, including France, Italy and the UK.
In the show contestants are hooked up to a lie detector, and a host asks probing questions, all the contestant has to do is answer 21 questions truthfully, as determined by the lie detector, to win up to $500,000. As the stakes get higher, the questions get more revealing.
Potential questions could include: “Do you really like your mother in law?” “Have you ever lied to get a job?” “Do you really care about starving children in Africa?” or “Have you ever cheated on your spouse?”
Fox has not yet announced a host or premiere date for the show
The commercial showed some additional questions like:
Have you ever stolen from you employer?
Are you repulsed by overweight people?
Have you ever searched for porn on the Internet?
Do you see yourself married to your spouse 5 years from now?

I don't know it all when it comes to lie detectors, but this just seems like it has the potential to really screw with someones life. What if the lie detector indicates someone stole from their employer because they felt guilty about taking some paperclips or a post-it notepad home...? What if it indicates they cheated on their spouse because they felt guilty about an "intimate" discussion they had with someone online...?