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Thread: America's Psychic Challenge

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    Re: America's Psychic Challenge

    I'd consider it. I don't know exactly what I'd have to do, travel wise. It may

    be a very good opportunity. It is also an opportunity to fall on my rear.

    No matter how many times I am right, there is always the fear that spirit won't

    show up for a show off contest.

    Kari Ana

    Quote Originally Posted by justgart;2705642;
    They are already looking for contestants for the next season. KariAna, would you apply for the show?

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    Re: America's Psychic Challenge

    I so do not want a "jackie experience" her tagline made me laugh. I love this show, and I just set my tivo to catch episodes. Unfortuneatly, I only caught like four episodes.

    I think skeptics that see this show would still be skeptical. Even though I am sure everything was on the up and up. The typical skeptic would just brush it off as TV trickery.

    I also have some psychic tendencies, but I mostly dream future events, and it is hard to distinguish which dreams will come true and which ones won't. However, I think the majority of humans have psychic abilities, but they just depress them, because society has taught us that being different is bad, and those who are different are looked down upon. Plus psychics and the paranormal in general are made fun of, by the media. I do see a shift as programs such as this one, and ghosthunters are becoming more mainstream and popular. I love this show, and would like to see it on a bigger network. It is times better then that phenomenan, show.

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    Re: America's Psychic Challenge

    I was able to watch the final 2 episodes online at lifetimetv.com this week so if anyone has missed episodes that may be a way to catch up or rewatch one. I thought the series was interesting. Jackie freaks me out. Not because of her talents but because of her personality.

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