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Thread: Search for the Next Elvira

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    Search for the Next Elvira

    This is being shown on Fox Reality. I really like it. Sure, it's cheesy. But what do you expect?

    Elvira is looking for someone to fill her, uh, shoes, so to speak. The auditions are quite entertaining and sometimes scary. You see all kinds there. Elvira's two sidekicks are interesting, as well. Do these gals (and a few, ahem, guys) have what it takes? Watch to find out who is chosen for the unlucky thirteen.

    Fox Reality – Shows
    "You're gonna tip that boat over and wet my weave!" To Rome For Love on Bravo

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    Re: Search for the Next Elvira

    This was a pretty entertaining show, can't wait to see the next ones.

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    Re: Search for the Next Elvira

    I wasn't aware the world was in need of another Elvira. One is enough for me.

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    Re: Search for the Next Elvira

    the asian lady with a fan made me laugh. she was a riot, wish they kept her.

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