On September 18th “Amazing Race” winner Alex Boylan will set out to travel the world without a penny in his pocket, relying on an interactive internet-based fan community and his own ingenuity in an effort to break down global barriers, strip away boundaries and illuminate the cultural fabric of peoples and nations around the world.

Alex’s adventure kicks off from New York City on CBS’s “The Early Show,” where in a live broadcast, Alex will shed his wallet and credit cards and attempt to travel around the world for free. Around the World For Free, a new interactive web-based extreme travel reality series, teams a trio of reality TV alums including Alex and “Survivor” finalist and entrepreneur Burton Roberts, along with former “The Apprentice” competitor Danny Kastner, now CEO of multimedia technology company FanRocket. For the following four months, accomplished traveler Alex will extreme-navigate the world asking for audience participation to help him find interesting people to meet, new places to see and stay and even creative places to work for room and board. Target destinations include South America, Africa, India and Asia, and ultimately, back to the U.S.

Alex’s excursions will be broadcast at Around The World For Free daily in 1-2 minute podcasts and weekly via 8-12 minute polished-narrative webisodes.
I like that we would be able to follow this in real time. What do you guys thing?