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Elimination judging:

Sanchez is told to stop cooking so much Latin food and he is safe.

Morou is not making an impression with his dishes and needs to turn it up and he is safe.

Simon isn't innovative enough, overall skill level pulls him through and he is safe too.

Besh they loved his duck, gets dinged for not using enough innovation. He is safe.

Consentino love his razor clam and shaving cream dish. Didn't like his salad. His clam dish was good and was what gives him the win in the challenge.

Down to Gavin and Jill as the bottom two. Hated Gavins soup "tasted like dirty mushroom water" and his dish was the least favorite of the day. They hated Jill's salad. Gavin is told he is inconsistent but he is safe and Jill goes home.. there won't be a new female Iron Chef.