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Thread: Fat March

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    Re: Fat March

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata;2776869;
    Wow, thanks for posting Will. Also congratulations on your continued weight loss.

    Still I am surprised that you expected so much out of being on a reality show except losing some weight. Also, outside of losing weight, earning money in challenges and the chance to win $250,000 do all the Biggest Losers contestents really get anything else. Maybe the winners so get a lot of recognition and some change their careers. But I do think they were ready to change the direction of their lives anyway starting with the weight loss.

    Anyway thanks for posting it is really nice to hear from the people I enjoyed watching.
    I too was ready to change my life.
    I was at, I guess what you would call rock bottom in my eating addiction.
    There were a lot of statements you didn't see that I wasn't given a voice about that made it seem at times like I wasn't learning or dealing with everything, but you know, editing. Whatever, like I said, I think I've made myself very clear in my blogs and the two articles I wrote.

    Like I said, we all have dreams. I was mainly there for the weight loss but I wanted it to be bigger than it was. If there wasn't a vanity to being on a weight loss show, then you'd just do it at home yourself. You really don't need a trainer to lose weight. Weight loss has never been rocket science.

    I mean I've doubled my weight loss on the show, on my own.
    I've had my slip ups and I've currently hit a little bit of a plateau but I'll never be the way I was again. The show for me, was not about learning how to lose weight, but how to get a grip on myself.

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    Re: Fat March


    Thanks for sharing your insight from the show. It's great to be able to read info from actual people who participated in the show. Congrats on your weight loss as well.

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