Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, March 1-7

Each week, our writers nominate and describe their favorite moments of the week in reality television.

10. Hey , Hey, Good-bye!

Fox network has a new reality show, and even for them it may be an all time low! No, it's not a show about bad rhymes! It is Married by America, and it is where we get one of this week's top ten moments. Jill, one of the potential brides, has her family and a friend help in the arranging of her marriage. The group must eliminate a potential groom before America gets its chance to have the final say. Jill's dad chooses Brian to kick to the curb. He reasons his daughter would prefer a better dresser. Brian appears shocked as he stands in his black dress slacks, tight knit, chest hugging shirt and slicked back hair. He wants to know what is wrong with his style? Now, its not SOOO bad, add a few chains, rings, big diamond encrusted watch, black fedora and hey just call him Guido. But, then he isn't on an episode of reality hit men. Well, rather than give Brian the list of why he won't be getting E's golden hanger award this year he just says "I will start this conversation with good-bye". Ouch, that one left a mark I am sure. It definitely left an impression with us!

9. Simon Says...

Viewers of ET already knew there would be 12 contestants instead of 10 in this years AI finals. They also knew Paula had selected Trenyce as her judges pick from the wild card show.

In the real twist to the show, Simon gave the viewers their biggest "huh?" moment since Nikki made the top three ahead of Tamyra last year. He advanced Carmen to the top 12 and into the luxury accomodation the top performers enjoy for the duration of their stay in the competition.

While the judges advised Carmen to polish up her performance, make the right song selection and show more emotion,one can't help but feel that now the public voting has started the better advice would be "don't bother unpacking".

8. Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Roly-Poly Fish Heads…

Mathew proved himself a true survivor with his fishing skills. Not only could he catch them and cook them, he could also identify them. Mathew hooked a beautiful peacock bass that the tribe was more than thrilled to devour. Leaving nothing to waste he encouraged the eating of the eyeballs. The other tribe members were happy to leave the delicacy to the king of the catch. Mathew eagerly slurped them up and claimed that they were pretty good. Though he gained ground with the team for the prime catch, he certainly still set himself apart by actually popping those bad boys into his mouth. …Eat 'em up YUM!

7. King of the Jungle

Cris Judd was the winner of I'm A Celebrity-Get Me Out Of Here this week. He was named King of the Jungle after winning America's hearts and votes over a 13 day period spent in the rain forest of Australia. His winning was no surprise to his camp mates. He got along with each of them quite well and each seemed genuinely glad that he won. The only thing missing here was his queen. Until the last episode Cris did not mention his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez. Once he did it was apparent that he still has feelings for her even though she has clearly moved on. He told of how they came to meet when JLo cast new dancers for her tour and from the time he shook her hand, at their first meeting, he knew she was the one. They developed a friendship on the road but he waited until the tour was over to kiss her for the first time. He said that she had the softest lips. When asked if he would ever take her back he said that there was no way he could honestly answer that question . He just did not know. We all got a good chance to see what a great guy Cris Judd is over the past two weeks. I am sure that there are plenty of wonderful women who would jump at a chance to be his queen.

6. You Mean I Don't Get to Go With Both?

Meet My Folks was searching for a certain demographic market *cough, beer ads, cough* when it decided to have 3 sets of beautiful identical twin girls competing as "teams" for their chance for a Hawaiian vacation with single guy Carlos Calderon, with his parents picking the winner. The surprise was on Carlos when at the "end" of the episode it was revealed that "winning" twins Alyson and Lindsay would need to compete with each other for a solo trip with Carlos. Alyson won the trip, but the big loser was Carlos, who didn't get to stroll through paradise with a babe under each arm.

5. Are You Hot!?

Well, Heidi from Survivor is hot! We know this because she told us she was. She told us this week and last week and certainly will tell us every week to come until we give in to her cuteness. Though I did not think that being cute was a survivor skill, I am sure Heidi does. Instead of doing any chore to further the camp's ability to function well, Heidi's plan is to exert as little energy as possible and let the women who have more body fat do most of the work. She contends that the other ladies will keep doing it as long as it needs to be done. Her theory was partly proven when Jeanne and Joanna got up early and collected wood and boiled water before heading off to fish, even though it was not their shift. I think that Heidi was still getting her beauty sleep at that point. She still needs about 24 more hours from where I sit. How long can Heidi stay in the game with this attitude? I guess we will just have to tune in to Survivor to find out.

4. Finger lickin' good

Q: What do you get when you mix stinky-rotten cheese with a handfull of maggots?
A: The 3rd stunt on the supersized Fear Factor!

In what was one of the sickest stunts ever, the contestants were given 10 minutes to eat 4 ounces of cheese topped with maggots. The group started with 5, but ended with a pair as only Ed and Tammie managed to finish off their bowl of vomit inducing slop. Bless them.

3. 8 heads in a duffle bag?

No, but there might as well have been an entire body in the suitcase that Ringo Allen wrangled with in the first episode of ABC's The Family. The diminutive social secretary may have an attitude as big as the mansions he's worked in, but clearly he needs to hit the gym. Allen huffed and puffed to get the suitcase up two flights of stairs. Still, out of breath as he was, he managed a frustrated "Get a bigger bag!" when he finally made it to the top. Ringo, the family has a bigger bag, and her name is Aunt Donna.

2. French Chef trapped in an Italian-American Kitchen.

Chef Franck certainly has his work cut out for him. In the first episode of The Family, Franck got an ear full from Aunt Donna before dinner was even served. She requested particular ingredients for Sunday's dinner including dried parsley, since her family does not eat fresh parsley. She even held a butcher101 class so that Franck would know how to buy a certain type of meat that he had not ever heard of. I do not know if the type of meat she wanted got lost in the translation but on her departure the universal sign for disdain, the eye roll, was expressed by the chef. Franck did not fare any better at dinner. He was met with confusion and near revulsion each time he presented a course to the family. They are used to more substantial food. There was no pasta in sight and apparently not enough meat on their plates. I guess escargot, frog legs and quail do not qualify as real meat, at least not in this Italian-American home.

And now, our number one moment of the week...

1. The snack that smiles back Amazon fish

Call it the men's revenge, call it the male ego, heck call it tiddly winks but whatever you call it, the men winning the immunity challenge was a definate top ten moment. As Jeff said go, the men went after the fish with all the fervor of an IRS agent in Martha Stewart's files. They even employed Dave's Rocket Science degree to aid them in their win. I think I hear the Seattle Flying Fish stand calling for an endorsement.Of course they were also still on the high from winning the reward challenge earlier. The reward of a fridge full of coke caused them to dream of the calorie content, the carbs, the sugar and most of all something to read while on the palm frond pot! Now the men would have something to go along with all that Coke, a big fishy feast!
Here's to the men of Tambaqui, have a Coke and snack that smiles back Amazon Fish!

The Top 10 list is a collaboration of our writers. This week's list was authored by Feifer, Firegirl, JR, Fluff, Wayner, Lurkinggirl.