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Thread: Reality TV Emmy...Who should get a nomination?

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    I agree with you Feif - I watched it - was hooked - but, it was torture and I was glad when it ended.
    My sister-in-law was visting last year and was hooked on TAR
    At that time I barely watched any television at all (boy has that changed) I could not understand her week after week telling everyone to shhhhhhh and going on and on about it. I haven't watched it but, can understand how one can get hooked on t.v shows.
    I think my ex-boyfriend had something to do with turning me into a couch potato (sp)
    I'm glad spring is coming and I'll be out more. I need a life!!

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    hee Mdrio9's Avatar
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    TAR or Survivor...no doubt about it!!!!

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    TAR. It's an amazingly well produced show - in my opinion, only Survivor is nearly as well produced. It also just doesn't get the respect it deserves. An Emmy would do nicely to redress that injustice.

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    Amen Leo!
    "They can only edit what you give them. They cannot manufacture a fictional character out of thin air." (Bill Rancic - 4/04)
    Regarding editing reality TV: "You can't edit IN a bad personality." ("Cali"-11/02)
    BB8 - A "conveyor belt of human garbage." ("Pono" - 9/07)

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    I definitely think TAR deserves a nomination. It's one of the few reality shows that doesn't get predictable after a few seasons.

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