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Thread: Petra Nemcova is making her own "America’s Next Top Model"

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    Tyra should sue because if she does the show ANTM's ratings with fall from the sky

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    it's airing on TLC - which doesn't really... I mean, I don't think it will affect Tyra's viewers that much, Top Model fans are top model fans. And we're a rabid bunch too.

    I still say that Tyra should sue, or force petra to like basically host world's next top model - and get fat-bottomed paychecks for it.

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    I heard that there won't always be eliminations.

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    Tyra's not the first one to come up with a show about modelling competitions so how could she sue? She could only sue if they copied exactly evey single bit of her show setup, which they definitely won't do. The show sounds nothing like ANTM, really.

    An article from Variety:

    Tommy Mottola and "Biggest Loser" producer Dave Broome have teamed for a grittier take on "America's Next Top Model" that will star supermodel and 2004 tsunami survivor Petra Nemcova.
    TLC has greenlit production on eight episodes of tentatively titled docuskein "The Petra Nemcova Project." Unlike the CW hit -- or Oxygen's sophomore success "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" -- TLC's project won't be a weekly elimination-based competition, nor will it feature Cinderella-like transformations of average Janes.

    "With no disrespect, those shows are the make-believe world of modeling. We're doing the reality," Broome said.

    Producer said the TLC skein will feature younger models, aged 18-24 ("You're done at 25," Broome said.) and women from around the world ("If you're doing something in this space, you'd better incorporate someone from Eastern Europe or South America," he argued.).

    Cast of the skein, already in production, are living in New York, auditioning for the chance to win a contract with NEXT modeling agency. More than one of the models can win a contract, but Broome said most won't.

    Nemcova will serve as a mentor and guide for the would-be models, helping them understand the worlds of fashion and modeling agencies. She'll also try to impart lessons she's learned from her well-chronicled experience surviving the Asian tsunami (The seriously injured Nemcova clung to a palm tree for eight hours) and losing her fiance, who drowned.

    "The show fits in well with the life lessons mantra of TLC, and if anyone can speak to the idea of ‘live and learn,' it's Petra," TLC veep of development Dirk Hoogstra told Daily Variety. "What was most attractive to us about this show was the authenticity of it, and that what we're offering viewers is organic and real."

    Broome said the models in the show were cast based on their potential to thrive in the real world of modeling rather than for their potential to create reality show "drama."

    "This isn't a gameshow," he said. "You're not going to get the clawing and bitch-slapping you get in the other shows. The drama here is real and not put together."

    Project came together as a result of Mottola's relationship with Nemcova. Broome and Mottola recently worked together on the NBC Internet-based music competish "Star Tomorrow."

    "The Petra Nemcova Project," from 25/7 Prods. and the Mottola Co., is expected to debut on TLC this summer. Broome, Mottola, Jeb Brien and TLC's Sarah Kozak are exec producers.

    Sounds like it could make for an interesting program.
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    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    This sounds awesome, and they'll be girls who can actually be models!

    Can't wait
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    WOW! I can't wait 'till this happens!

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    This is yet another knock off of ANTM..can someone say overkill/ Im totally not watching

    now..someone needs to come out with a male edition of antm- i would totally give it ratings!!!

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    I like the idea of an international competition. Let's hope and pray that her photoshoots aren't as awful as ANTM's have been lately.

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    This is what I always hoped ANTM would be! Looks like I'll be watching a modeling reality show again... (I gave up on ANTM a long time ago.)

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    I really wish Bravo would come up with their own modeling show [Too bad Manhunt was just too far ahead of its time] They'd give it class. TLC is kind of...bad at editting their shows so I'm kind of reluctant of watching. I'm far more interested in The Agency [an ACTUAL modeling show, not a competition]
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