View Poll Results: What is your favorite DECORATING/DESIGN SHOW?

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  • Changing Rooms

    16 13.33%
  • Trading Spaces

    43 35.83%
  • While You Were Out

    15 12.50%
  • Christopher Lowell

    0 0%
  • Designer's Challenge

    9 7.50%
  • Designing for the Sexes

    3 2.50%
  • Ground Force

    4 3.33%
  • Other

    30 25.00%
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Thread: What is your favorite DECORATING/DESIGN SHOW?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watches2MuchTV
    WOW! Exact match!
    Tee hee. Put me on your buddy list then. I love the way Candice and Angelo use textural solids for expanse and how they use pattern here and there (in other words, they use pattern wisely)

    Very clean aesthetic, very "me"

    Now if only I had a 6-figure decorating budget, I'd hire both these geniuses in a heartbeat

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    One show that I do like that I believe is Canadian is Home To Go.

    It gives practical advice and great projects for people who are currently renting and want to improve their place without spending a lot of money.

    With some obvious exceptions, the projects are portable so they can be taken to the next place the person lives in.
    I like that show too... sometimes the projects don't seem very portable, but the decorating ideas they have are often very neat.

    I just wish I lived somewhere that I could get someone from one of these shows to do MY place!! Most of the shows seem to be based in California

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    My actual favorites are not on the list but I like Designer's Challenge because it's fun to see how three different designers see the same space. The homeowners always seem to pick the one I don't like but it always ends up looking great anyway.

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    I just started watching all these shows a month ago (never had cable and was at boyfriend's for a week). I am completely hooked!!

    My favorites are:
    Design on a Dime - because I can actually pretend I can do some of these
    Designers Challenge - love seeing all the different ideas
    Designer Guys - they're so fun!
    QEFTSG - had heard a lot about the show but never got to watch it before.

    I agree that HGTV shows quality is much better. Trading Spaces is okay ... but I don't like the drama either. I really like the before and after more. I also like when they're making decisions like theme-wise, color-wise, etc. Those are more interesting to me.

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    I have loved Changing Rooms from day one! Trading spaces is okay, though is seems to have it's lost focus. Designer Guys, Divine Design, House Doctor, Designed to Sell, and Clean Sweep are fun too.
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    I really like Decorating Cents, mostly for the small budgets (well, smaller than the other shows). And I love the No cost decorating segments. I wish I could get a redesigner to come to my house for a taping of this show!

    Speaking of, I wonder how homeowners get chosen to show off their homes on some of the episodes?

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    Find & Design is the show that I like. Jennifer Convy is the host of the show.

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