View Poll Results: What is your favorite DECORATING/DESIGN SHOW?

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  • Changing Rooms

    16 13.33%
  • Trading Spaces

    43 35.83%
  • While You Were Out

    15 12.50%
  • Christopher Lowell

    0 0%
  • Designer's Challenge

    9 7.50%
  • Designing for the Sexes

    3 2.50%
  • Ground Force

    4 3.33%
  • Other

    30 25.00%
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Thread: What is your favorite DECORATING/DESIGN SHOW?

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    Loved Anne when she was on but I think that THeresa Strasser is better now she has quit and is on TV as a reporter. Who is the new one.?

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    I have a new love now JunkieGirl's Avatar
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    I voted for While You Were Out. I am so NOT into designing, have no sense of color schemes and couldn't decorate my way out of a wet paper bag. But WYWO is just plain fun. Sometimes I don't always like the designs, but the designers do allow for the homeowner's input. Sometimes it is really minor, but at least the homeowner has *some* say. Trading Spaces, for me has been horror story after horror story, and that is usually because I have only caught episodes with Hildi. The things these designers will put on walls and stuff---ugh. Even being designed challenged, I find them horrendous.

    It also doesn't hurt that Andrew Dan Jumbo is part of WYWO and I have a little bias. He is yummy delicious and would let him bring over his tool belt anytime!

    The interactions are fun, the host(except Anna Bocci) and carpenters are fun and I just enjoy myself, and look forward to the surprises and surprised partners. It is just really nice that someone is loved so much that their family members/husbands/wives go thru so much just to give of themselves. (Not to mention having to lie and deceiving) Plus I am a big sucker when a husband does a room for his wife, so she can have an oasis/retreat away from the kids (and him) and have someplace to relax that is pleasant, livable and not outrageous.
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    FORT Fogey xmaskat's Avatar
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    I like the shows on HGTV; especially Design on a Dime, Room by Room, & the new one about ways to organize. They offer neat ideas that could be done without robbing a bank

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    I love While You Were Out. Fun show to watch, designs are great (for the most part), and its fun to watch the crew interact with each other and the designers. Evan is funny, talented, gorgeous and really fun to watch. Also like TS, but not nearly as much as WYWO!
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    its kinda a tossx up between trading spaces and while you were out. i watch those shows all the time

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    I really like the show Design on a Dime. They use very little money and items around the house. Fits my pocketbook.

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    just got reconnected to dish tv after favorite is curb appeal. second fav would be trading spaces.

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    FORT Fogey Corine's Avatar
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    I am kinda sappy, I like Extreme Makeover : Home Edition. I cry every week! The one with the family expecting triplets and they didn't know the sex of the babies until they opened the door of their new nursery! This weekend is a guy that was paralized after a car accident and he hasn't been to the second story of his home for two years. I am misting up just thinking about it.
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    I like them silent WomynLee's Avatar
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    I'm with 43.82% of you...Trading Spaces, of course!

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    hi guys! well i voted for 'other' cuz my favorite is 'extreme makeover: home edition' and it wasn't listed. i guess my vote doesn't really count, though, cuz i don't have cable t.v. so i haven't seen any of the others.

    i do like EM:HE alot, though, especially since they re-do the WHOLE house, help out wonderful, needy, and *appreciative* families, and don't do stupid things like staple carpet to the ceiling or paint fabric furniture (which i've heard they do on 'trading spaces').

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