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  • Changing Rooms

    16 13.33%
  • Trading Spaces

    43 35.83%
  • While You Were Out

    15 12.50%
  • Christopher Lowell

    0 0%
  • Designer's Challenge

    9 7.50%
  • Designing for the Sexes

    3 2.50%
  • Ground Force

    4 3.33%
  • Other

    30 25.00%
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Thread: What is your favorite DECORATING/DESIGN SHOW?

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    I love Ground Force too. You can just feel the chemistry among them. I think Charlie is so cool and she works her butt off while having a good time doing it.

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    Re: Trading Spaces - The Designers

    Originally posted by FaTeke
    So who is your favorite and least favorite designer on Trading Spaces and Changing Rooms?

    Trading Spaces = Vern Yip hands down. I have yet to see a room he did that I wouldn't love to have and he's friendly and listens to his team.

    Changing Rooms = Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. I love his flamboyant style although I don't always love his rooms. There is not one stand out designer on CR for me I like most of them.

    Least Favorite:
    Trading Spaces = Again, hands down, Douglas Wilson. So far I haven't seen a single room he has done that I would stand for. Most of them suck so bad I feel pain for the home owners. Plus he is a jerk to his team mates and will NOT listen to anything they have to say about his design. Its his way or the highway and that takes a lot of the fun out of it for me. I like the team mates having a say in the design. It gives them more of a feel of accomplishment or shame in the end. LOL

    Changing Rooms = Again, hands down, no question, didn't even have to think about it. Oliver Heath. He's a nice guy and I don't have any personal problems with him. I just hate every room I've seen him do. And I don't mean I just didn't like them, I hated them. Yuck.
    FaTeke, replace Douglas with Hilde and your list is exactly the same the same as mine!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Deep Dish
    Originally posted by skywisej
    On another note: I've seen Anna Bocci in at least 4 commericals that air on a regular basis! It's sorta funny!
    She's making her comeback! No doubt she'll be gracing the red carpet at Cannes next year!

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    changing rooms is my favorite decorating show. i love love love laurence and all of his rooms as well as graham. i also love how its only 1/2 hr which means i don't have to wait long for the reveal.

    i also love ts and vern is the man.

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    I personally like Ground Force the best, the whole crew is awesome. Great ideas and tips, I am trying to change my garden to something I'd see them doing, more like an outdoors living space.

    Also, I quite like Weekend Warriors, another show I have real life use for, how to tackle (or not to tackle) tasks we would need to do in our house.

    Changing Rooms is another BBC show I watch, I even used to tape some of the best episodes to remember the designs.

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    Has anyone seen the new show "Monster House" on Discovery? They took a house and made it for Race fans. They have one week to totally re-do the house.

    The kitchen was pretty awesome (if you are a race fan). They made the kitchen counter out of tool boxes and put in an awesome exhaust fan with pull down tools - water, egg beaters etc. They made the kitchen table out of a hood of a car that would go back up on the wall with a push of a button. Made stools out of tires.

    The kids room was pretty cool too. They made a couch out of the back half of a car. They put a flat screen TV on the wall. The bed in the master bedroom could be lifted with air.

    They also made the guys recliner into a racer. It could go up to 30 mph's.

    Every man's dream to ride the easy chair over to the neighbors for beer and a good race on the flat screen!!!

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    I don't get Discovery, but I saw a trailer for the show the other day and I'm really hoping a Canadian channel will decide to air the episodes.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    We saw that show yesterday morning. It was awesome. I said "how can i get them to come do our house" lol. I think tonight, they are doing another one Hawaiian style, if i remember correctly. It looked pretty neat too.

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    Watched the Hawaiian episode of Monster House last night Taz. Didn't like it near as much as the Race Car House though. I think the Tiki God fire breathing, fogging, glowing fireplace was a little to much for me.

    Still, I would love for them to come do my house!!

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    yah, i liked the racing one better. Course, since we are big Nascar fans, it makes sense

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