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Thread: Favorite Person on Trading Spaces

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    Well, I guess I fall right in with the general consensus on this one! I LOVE Vern! I love that he gets great deals on fabric all of the time and makes everything look so darned rich! The only design element that has made me go... huh? was when he suspended those fishbowls from the ceiling!

    Anyway, besides that I really like Frank. I love that he listens to the home owners, and even changes things around for them! I agree that he gets a little bit kitschy, but it is usually when it is appropriate to do it. He has done some serious non-country rooms before.

    Hildi drives me absolutely nuts! When she did the self-portrait on that one wall, I almost puked! Can't stand her!

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    I think Hildi and Kia are the absolute worst! Love Vern!

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    My heart belongs to Vern

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    i love verns rooms. doug can do ok sometimes, sometimes not. usually hate gen and laurie's rooms and hildi's rooms. laurie uses the same colors over and over. hildi when she is good her rooms are great but when she is bad they suck. so far her sucky rooms outweigh her good ones but i do love how she does her sofas. gen is way too out there for me. i also love edward and kia. so i guess i wouldn't mind vern, edward, or kia in my home and maybe doug but not the rest.

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    I really like Amy Wynn a lot. She doesn't seem to be a show off like a lot of others on the show.

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    I like Amy Wynn too.
    I prefer her to Ty because she just gets on with the job, whereas he aslways seems to want to build his part, trying to be funny all the time.

    He also doesn't seem to divvy his time up between the designers very well.
    He'll spend ages doing little fancy things for one person, often adding decorative elements they didn't request, then has to motor to get the other designers stuff done and gets snotty about it.
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    Originally posted by breathless4975
    I think Hildi and Kia are the absolute worst! Love Vern!
    I would actually cry if I was on that show and EITHER of those two were the designers working on my house................Records screwed to the wall........6,000 silk flowers stapled to the walls..............outdoor green carpet in my bedroom YIKES. Laurie and Vern can do my rooms anytime.

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    Laurie and Vern are definetly the favs at my house. Frank isn't to bad either.

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    Did ya'all ever see Doug put that series of non-working clocks on a kitchen wall, the same kitchen in which he used a cardboard tube to hold up a cheap particle board counter which was piled with sand and a reflecting ball????? Besides Hilde, I would also hate for Doug to redo a room of mine.
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    I love Frank, he has this playful touch I like, small surprises here and there. He is not perfect, but pretty darn close to it. I guess I just think my kids would love to live in a house he would have decorated.

    I actually like the BBC Changing Rooms designers better than any of the Trading Spaces ones. My favorite being Graham, his designs are just what I'd order if I could.

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