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Thread: Top Model Shows Outside the U.S.

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    Can someone post a quick review of the next week's episode? The latest episode didn't have a preview, a friend of mine has told me that it's the makeover time.
    I was thinking about the next elimination, who will be eliminated next?
    This is what I think:
    8) Allana
    7) Atong
    6) Shannon
    5) Sam
    4) Simmone
    3) Gemma
    2) Zoe
    1) Chloe

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    Issit Allana first to go or is it Chloe?

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    I can't decide the order so I decided to post my Top 5

    1) Atong
    2) Gemma
    3) Simone
    4) Shannon
    5) Sam / Allana

    In no particular order......

    ps. I don't watch the show so me judgement is based solely on portfolio

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    Quote Originally Posted by funkalicious
    Is it Allana first to go or is it Chloe?
    Allana but who knows what her make over will turn into. I can't wait to see what Atong's will look like after the make over. She doesn't need one if you ask me. I don't want them to bleach her hair or anything similar, they can give her a haircut but I doubt it will do any good!

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    I seriously think that Atong don't need any makeover, she looks awesome already.

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    The third photo shoot: Sexy underwear:

    Atong was eliminated unfortunately. Chloe and her had the best photo followed by Zoe and Simmone.

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    Thanks for posting Milay.
    Hmm, I don't really like any of the photos, but I guess I would choose # 2 (Sam & Gemma (I think) ).

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    The blonde in the lower left photo looks like Catie

    Where do you get the photos from?

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    No! Atong Eliminated?

    Atong and Chloes was my favourite this week!

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    I'm also not in love with any of the pictures. They all look like they belong in a Frederick's of Hollywood catalogue... if Frederick's even has a catalogue.

    Atong & Chloe: I like the contrast between the girls: dark/pale, strong/soft. I think this photo had the potential to be the most high-fashion, but they both look uncomfortable.
    Sam & Gemma: The interaction between the girls appears the least forced.
    Zoe & Simmone: Tis okay. Still, this photo isn't even fashionably apathetic. And Frosty's right; Simmone does look like Catie here!
    Shannon & Allana: Smiles? Are they allowed to do that? Shannon has a nice smile, bad pose; Allana looks like Paris Hilton (and not in a completely negative way).

    None of the photos are like, hello, sex appeal. Of course, I say this as a girl, but none of them tell me to buy underwear, either.

    I think they should have waited until later in the cycle to do a girl-on-girl shoot. It's a rather unfair comparison, because the photography was far better, but Shandi & Yoanna and Mercedes & April had a lot more chemistry (nude!) to amazing results, party because the pairs were comfortable together. Then again, in the real industry, I suppose you just have to fake it.

    Too bad about Atong. I would have eliminated someone else first.

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