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Thread: Top Model Shows Outside the U.S.

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    I love the clothes, but many of the girls just seem wrong. Some has correct body, wrong face. Some have correct face, wrong body. And some have nothing correct at all haha. Very few are striking and edgy.

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    I can't believe that the Non-reality Real Model thread is in graveyard with ANTM-4

    luckily this thread is still here. So when is the next FNTM? I can't wait to
    hear about it.

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    You, Fon, and Rattee are the girls that stand out to me, based on the first photo shoot (and btw, whoever lamented about ANTM not doing anything as cool anymore, ITA!). I just wish I could watch - and speak Thai.

    There are some seriously mannish looking women here.
    Token Christian.

    If truth is relative, how do you know?

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    is "Ple" crosseyed? In that first picture of her with those boxes she looks crosseyed

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    Don't cry Annie! I miss it too!! I have to agree that many of the girls look manly here.

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    I can't believe that Fon is gone and girls like Tam (beautyful face but short), Jha (too manly), Ple and May are left?

    Honestly the wrong decision has been made last week, too bad.

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    are tha photos from episode 2 up yet?

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    The site isn't update photo from ep.2

    I guess you have to d/l the archive video to see the photos

    These photoshoots are for DayBeds magazine (sorry I don't have scan)

    Each girls got different looks ; Sexy, Childish, Modern, Retro, Western, Eastern etc.

    Fon was eleminated

    The judge said she had one expression in all photos.

    In tomorrow episode they'll have their third photoshoot.

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    Yeah definitely her face was blank in every frame she took but her body is perfection. I didn't like the make up they gave Mok but the picture came out great!

    What was the third photo shoot like James?

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    i am not sure someone posted already but i would like to have the urls to every topmodel site (finland, sweden, norway, denmark). does anyone have them? would love to browse through the sites! thanks.

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