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Thread: Top Model Shows Outside the U.S.

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    Atong definately looks ridiculously high fashion. It's crazy. I wonder why Tyra hasn't had any dark African women on the show yet?

    Wow, Zoe's swimsuit is...interesting. Actually, all of them are interesting. What company makes them?

    Up close Naomi's face looks nice. The eyes are gorgeous! But back away and urgh! Are those bumps or drops of water on her face?

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    Allana, Sam and Simmone (more coming soon)
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    Allana looks like a cross between Giselle Bundchen and Kate Moss in my opinion.

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    In my honest opinion, Allana has a very boring look - I live in New Zealand and have been to Australia a couple of times and I swear to god there are so many girls who look like Allana.. maybe it's the blonde hair and style but honestly I don't find her great at all.

    She maybe beautiful but that doesn't equal top model material.

    What is next week's photoshoot about? Anyone know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairytaleDREAMS
    In my honest opinion, Allana has a very boring look!
    I have to agree with this. She looks very Dolly Parton to me (you know Texas-American somehow). Big boobs, hair extensions, looking good but she's definitely not a model material though, very commercial.

    It's makeover-time next week and the photo shoot is very high fashion (involving a horse). I was laughing at Gemma's yelling "Don't push me I'll fall off" and Erika was like nobody is touching you. I thought that Gemma was this nice girl but she's a certain bitch, more focus on what she's doing not what everyone else is doing and like Naomi said she's an annoying, camera hugger.

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    Yay! A new top model forum! Thanks to everyone who helped put it together!

    And now for my critiques. Im just getting used to the girls names, and who's who so bare with me. Im having difficulty tellling some of them apart.
    Allana: I think the overall photo is marginal, but the close is very sub marginal. Meh.
    Atong: The overall photo looks extremly beautiful, like a real ad. She is the only one whom really stands out to me (and not for obvious reasons :nono.) Whats with the bumps though? Was that part of make up?
    Chloe: The close up gives me the whole baby-doll face vibe, wich is in very in right now; her pose is kinda strange though, but it works.
    Gemma: Close up is great, very intense. Her pose is quite lackluster, but the overall photo is a nice one.
    Naomi: Ack. It looks like someone taken a photo as she's fallen and cracked her head. Close up is nice, but the bumps are very distracting.
    Nicole: Umm, you can tell shes trying to looks fierce, but she comes of more demented. Close your mouth.
    Sam: I suppose this photo is decent, but something about it just irks me. Im not crazy about her face.
    Shannon: Again looks like another whom was trying to look fierce, but this times comes across very disgruntled. Her body is nice though.
    Simmone: At first I didn't like her picture, but after looking closer I quite like it. Im not sure if that cuts it though, first impressions are hard to remove.
    Zoe: Her face looks very good, a nice expression for a change! Her body is great and her suit is cool too .

    My Overall Top 3.
    1. Atong
    2. Zoe
    3. Gemma

    I have several questions about A(ustrailia's)NTM:
    What are the girls like? Whos the b*tch etc., What are they doing next week?
    What are the judges like? Who did they like most/least?


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    Quote Originally Posted by FairytaleDREAMS
    Is it just me or does Australia's NTM seem more professional than ANTM? I guess it's too early to say this kind of stuff but I really believe Australia is great at picking top models.
    I believe it is. Regarding the girls, I know they could easily find a group of similar caliber in America (or any country), but we're all aware that Tyra and the crew put a lot of stock in personality and individuality and the entertainment factor... (Another difference I've noticed is that this show is a good 10-15 minutes longer! America has way too many commercials.)

    Now that I've seen the program, I can tell the girls apart and some of my opinions have changed: I don't like Allana. I agree that she is very common, along with Sam. I think Atong and especially Shannon are the most unique. Shannon's my favorite right now; I think she has an understated beauty and love that she's half-aboriginal. Still like Zoe and Nicole. Gemma takes a good picture, but her features are very ordinary.

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    Hehe Bhanson you're funny! The bumps are actually water drops I believe - but yes they do look very disturbing in the closeups.. I wish they didn't have them. Only Gemma's water drops look like real water drops and not blemish bumps.

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    **Possible SPOILER about Atong ***

    Click to see Spoiler:
    seems to have signed with Vivien's Model Management. Check out her card on their website:

    You can see the horse photoshoot there - it is BEAUTIFUL!

    I hope that doesn't indicate she will be leaving soon - I would be very disappointed
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    So I'm guessing this show doesn't have a website? How lame.

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