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Thread: Top Model Shows Outside the U.S.

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    Reality tv fan
    Where is this being aired? time/channel??

    from the above pics....

    Gemma and Allana

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    Im not sure that I get this channel is anyone taping it?
    I would be more than happy to compensate you for the cost of a tape or CDs and shipping. Anything more would be illegal *wink*
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    Close ups of the final pictures from first photoshoot (screencapped). They final photos aren't on the website yet I don't think so I figured I'd post these.











    It was a swimsuit shoot.
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    Anonymous thanks for the closeups of the first photo shoot! I thought about posting the whole pictures, so here it goes:


    I've changed my mind about my Top 3:
    Zoe is beautiful but she's dead in front of the camera, not that entertaining with the similar face expressions. I was impressed by Simmone, she has a great walk (different) and her picture was beautiful! Atong's picture is the best one, the photographer was very impressed by her, having a hard time picking the right photo b/c they all were amazing (Yaya(ANTM3) symptom), the negative thing about her is the money issue - I think she's a bad liar no doubt. Allanas picture was good but she's a bimbo like Bethany (ANTM2) + can't walk to save her life and we all know what that leads to. Gemma is natural and beautiful (she can do well), her walk is very pony but no edge enough for me - too common. Chloe is my new favorite no doubt, her picture and personality is amazing (I love her look very ID). Naomi was taller than Eva (ANTM3) and yet her hight got her eliminated. I have to see more of Sam, Shannon and Nicole.

    The whole concept of Australia'sNTM is way more tasteful than America'sNTM, just thinking of Jamaican photo shoot makes me laugh - the picture quality is less photoshoped and way better both graphically and background-settings-wise!
    So far:
    1) Chloe
    2) Atong
    3) Simmone
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    where its beautiful one day perfect the next
    I have to say imo that this is not as good as the America's top model. There is no Janice and not even anyone close to her, they need a couple of Jay's as well. I will watch it because its funny and some of the girls really are feral so you know its going to get interesting

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    Does this have a website??

    Allana appears to be the prettiest from those first headshots. From the bikini shoots, Zoe and Allana's photos look very pretty. Atong's also has an interesting look that appears very high fashion.

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    Thanks Milay and Anonymous.

    I liked all the pictures here, but I think I like Nicole's best. Allana probably has the second best IMO.

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    I like Gemma, Chloe & Zoe (that rhymes). Gemma has great intensity. Chloe looks very fresh - she reminds me of Bekah Jenkins (whom I love). I like the light in Zoe's pic. I don't really like her pose but I'm sticking with her because she's beautiful & she was my early fave.
    Thanks 13 & Milay.
    Frosty - Milay has posted the website address above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milay
    The whole concept of Australia'sNTM is way more tasteful than America'sNTM, just thinking of Jamaican photo shoot makes me laugh - the picture quality is less photoshoped and way better both graphically and background-settings-wise!
    I haven't seen the show. But, yes, I'm impressed!
    When it comes to the girls, they definitely went for more modelesque over more unique. Overall, it looks like a much better group than America's, but it's also a little difficult for me to tell some of them apart right now. Zoe is immediately beautiful. I also like Atong, Nicole, Simmone, Gemma, and Allana so far.

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    Thanks to Milay for introducing me to this thread - I am finally back on the FORT forums YAY!

    I'm a huge Atong, Chloe and Gemma fan but after first episode photoshoot Shannon and Simmon are definitely up there too.

    Is it just me or does Australia's NTM seem more professional than ANTM? I guess it's too early to say this kind of stuff but I really believe Australia is great at picking top models.

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