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Thread: Top Model Shows Outside the U.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    She was supposed to be one of the new faces of last season; I don't know if that held:

    Who is she?

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    Guys Denmark's contestants have been revealed:

    They have a plus size in there! The good thing is that the all girls are 5'9 or taller. Good mixture of ethnicities and looks/appeals. We'll see! I'm waiting for Norwegian and Swedish contestants to be revealed, can't wait!

    Number 3 and 9 are my picks so far.

    I just found out that Mini Anden is Swedish Tyra Banks. She's done well especially in Milano and New York.

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    Nik.Nicole.Bre.Lisa bhanson's Avatar
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    Holy frick. Those contestants look..........strange!
    Hey isnt that the ANTM1 layout?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quangtran
    If this shoot was for the American version, Jay would ask them to wear glittery clown make-up while dodging arrows.
    Excellent point! Why can't ANTM have this kind of class? I'm very impressed with Australia's Next Model's photography so far.

    Thank you everyone who is posting pictures. I don't think we can get this show in the US, so it is very nice to be able to see the pictures and read the discussion.

    So far, I am loving Chloe, Gemma and Zoe. Especially Zoe. I'm bothered that people think she might be in trouble...
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    Thanks everyone, anyway was the person whom I asked earlier in the tread Chloe? Where did you find those pics Milay?
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    Do they not have a site or source that I can check out for more? Coz Denmark's Next Top Model does not exist. Anyway, they look pretty!
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    I tried on google and yahoo and there is no denmark's next top model, or does it exists in another name? Or maybe denmarkians don't speak english? I'm sorry I really don't know

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    Quote Originally Posted by so into you
    Do they not have a site or source that I can check out for more? Coz Denmark's Next Top Model does not exist. Anyway, they look pretty!
    They don't have a site yet, the premiere of the show is February 16, so I guess that the site will be up then or a week earlier, same with Swedish and Norwegian.

    Quote Originally Posted by funkalicious
    Or maybe denmarkians don't speak english? I'm sorry I really don't know
    Denmarkians? Danish people speak Danish as their official language, every country in Europe has it's own language. I'm doubting that the site will be in English.

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    The fourth photo shoot:

    I didn't like the photo shoot. They were supposed to interact with the spider?

    Top 3:
    1) Chloe
    3) Sam

    Didn't like Zoe nor Simmone this time. Nothing model(y) about their pictures, they've been looking more like actors(a.k.a. Nicole (ANTM3 the beauty shot and everything else ). Allana's picture missing as she was the eliminated one.

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    As much as I hate to say this, Jay's spider shoot was better. MUCH better. The spider looks like it's sneaked into the shot without anyone noticing. The concept is not at all glamorous or exciting. I'm not even sure what their selling. Overall, thumbs down.

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