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Thread: Wife Swap - Season 3

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    Wife Swap - Season 3

    Did anyone catch the premieres of Wife Swap!?

    I watched the pirate and couldn't believe the mouth of the 13 yr old princess girl.. telling that woman she smelled bad, and that she hated her! I thought it was ironic when the prissy mom was going on and on about what bad influences the pirate mom when her daughter was a spoiled brat!

    Any thoughts?

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    I was laughing through most of the show. This is the third season of this show, and yet these people still sign up for it and then act all surprised and upset when having a total stranger live with them for 2 weeks upsets the norm of their lives.

    I couldn't believe the reaction of the pirate family when Lisa said she couldn't sleep there because of the fleas. She seemed to try pretty hard to be a good sport about it, but if you've ever had flea bites you know how miserable they are. If the house was infested that badly that's just disgusting, and it unbelieveable for that family to think living in that kind of filth is normal.

    It's hard to imagine a family running around yelling "Arrrrgh" all day long and chasing each other with swords and nobody is paying the bills. I can't help wondering where in the world they find these people.

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    I haven't watched Wife Swap in a long time, but while flipping channels I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the pirates. I thought for a minute they were filming at Rupert's house.

    It's interesting to me that the families are always resistant, followed by conflict, resignation and cooperation, then fireworks when the couples join up at the end. Predictably entertaining, I guess.

    I loved the catch line from little Miss Princess Pouty, "we signed up for the show, but I didn't sign up to be a pirate."
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    I couldn't believe the fleas! The producers should insist that houses are at least fumigated or pest-free before asking anyone to stay there.

    I wonder if the camera crew were scratching and itching, too! And they had to stand there holding the cameras steady. I think the show has jumped the shark - it tries so hard to be ridiculous that there's nothing left to parody.

    Oh and ITA about the families still being surprised by rule change day at this point. *rolls eyes*

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    I have to amend my last post a bit - I watched the rest of the episode, listening a lot closer - the 13 yr. old "Fine" daughter had a lot of great one-liners. Like when someone was listing the attributes a pirate needs. She added "And they have to have mental issues". Funny kid.

    Still I do wish the show would stop trying so hard.

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    Darn, I missed it! I've met Ol' Chumbucket at a book signing. My best friend knows the "Talk Like a Pirate" guys from the local theater where she acts. I've got to try to find a copy!
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    I thoroughly enjoy reading the recaps posted on this website whether or not I am able to watch the actual program. Why isn't anyone recapping wife swap anymore? I rarely get to watch it (when I do it is only bits and pieces). It is not only this site but the other tv recapping sites no longer carry this show either! How do we get this one added to the list?

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    The fleas would have made me flee to a hotel too!

    I don't know about you guys but I notice that the wealthier families are the most resistant to change, it's like they think "we're richer, smarter and how we live our life is far superior to your ideas so why should I change" type of attitude.(??)

    And I totally agree with the formula Rosekid, it's almost always just like that.
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    I watched both hours of the 3rd season premire and was laughing at all the one liners the kids were coming up with...You would think knowing they are going to be on wife swap, they would at least clean there homes before the new wife gets there...I can't believe some people are happy living in flith...That first family with all the pets, then the girl dropped her pizza on the dirty floor and picked it up and ate it, I was so disgusted...And don't get me started on the "home schooling" they were getting...Those poor kids are in for a rude awakining when they get older and reach the real world...

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    I didn't notice the girl eating pizza after it dropped on the floor. Eww. Was that in the fleabag house? That filth really was gross. And the way the Pirate Dad fell apart after one day in a job he knew he didn't have to keep. That was kind of bizarre. The Pirate Mom seemed fairly temperamental, also.

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