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Thread: Gene Simmons Family Jewels (A&E)

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    I have to agree that this seems like a great family. I sat down and watched a few re-run episodes over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Nick and Sophie seem sooo nice and they really are funny. The little "interview" sessions where they are poking fun at their parents cracked me up I am amazed Sophie was only 13 when this was filmed. I can only hope my daughter does NOT look that mature when she hits 13 !!!!

    I find this show much more endearing than the Hogan show. The Hogans seem completely staged/scripted to me and those kids are really trying to coast along on their dad's success.

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    I too, LOVE this show. What bothers me the most is.... wasn't Gene supposed to be some "stud" back in the day? Slept with thousands of women, or so he claims. Even at the beginning of one of his shows, he says something to the effect, I've had your mother, your sister, grandma too (not a quote, but along those lines) He and Shannon have such a wonderful relationship.... was all this banging of women, before Shannon. Granted, they've been together 23 years, it could have been before her. I just can't see her being with Gene and putting up with that. Maybe i'm wrong, but I like to believe he did this before getting together with her. He seems to be such a good partner to her and a great dad.

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    I think that he did have a lot of women, but per Shannon it's all talk.
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    I thought it was kinda cute on the one show (cant remember which episode it was) when they were talking about the picture of Cher in the nice frame that Cher had given Gene when they were dating.... and Shannon realized it was a very nice expensive frame and she wanted to keep it so she placed a picture of her and the kids in it and got rid of Cher LOL!

    Last nights show with Shannon shopping was kind of fun especially when she forgot her credit card and Gene had to go over and pay for her merchandise.... $17,000 worth of clothes and accesories

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    I love this show, too. The kids are great kids. I was afraid it would turn out like the Osbournes, but am very pleased it didn't. They don't seem to be spoiled at all. Shannon and Gene are great parents.

    One of my favorite scenes is when Nick and Gene are talking to the camera at the end of I think the first episode. Gene is all dudded up as The Demon and Nick is trying to get someone to adopt him. At the end he mouths "help". I laughed my butt off.
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    I never can remember when this damn show is on!!!

    I was (still am) a huge KISS fan....Paul Stanley was the one I wanted to marry but Gene was always the bad boy you wanted to do bad things with!!! A KISS concert is one of the best shows you will ever see!!! I've already told my 13 year old son that when they come around here...we will definitely go see them because I believe he should experience a show like theirs!!! THEY ROCK!!!!

    What little I have seen of this show (when I've remembered) has been really good and I've really enjoyed it!

    One of the best quotes I can ever remember Gene saying was a long time ago he was on the Oprah Winfrey show and she asked him just how long his tongue was...and he replied "Long enough to make me and you really close friends!" (or something to that effect) and I remember thinking if Oprah wasn't a black woman I bet we would see her blushing like crazy!

    Must make mental note to try and catch this show when its on.....
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    I too still enjoy the show. I never noticed Sophie's birthmark on her cheek. The gift they got grandma was so sweet and cool. I felt bad for her they only were able to stay for a few hours.

    The shopping spree was CRAZY! and that dude needed to be fired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetRTWatcher View Post
    I am amazed Sophie was only 13 when this was filmed. I can only hope my daughter does NOT look that mature when she hits 13 !!!!
    But if she handles herself the way Sophie does you have NOTHING to worry about. ie: Telling the photographer she didn't need to look sexy, she's only 13 and running from Aunt Tracy who was trying to pierce her belly button and saying she looked like a ho with make-up on.

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    I think that the children were raised with strict rules. If you watch how Shannon dresses and shops, Sophie has had a role model. When she asked her mother about the Playboy shoot, Shannon became very self conscious and was tongue tied about it, but she did explain it to Sophie.
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    I love the comment that Shannon made about Nick not learning to be respectful enough to women and this about a boy that seems pretty down to earth.

    If you aren't watching this show, you should!
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