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Thread: Gene Simmons Family Jewels (A&E)

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    I wasn't a huge KISS fan growing up but the first time I watched it I got hooked. The thing that I really love about this show is how Gene puts himself out there and shows for the most part he is human and not some perfect icon. A few of of my favourite parts so far:

    *Gene not being on the list to get into the tv studio
    *Gene walking the bride in Vegas down the aisle
    *Gene's driving
    *Gene & the sperm test
    *Gene cleaning the house

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    I absolutely love this show! The Simmons family is WAY better than the Osbornes or the Hogans. They seem like a normal family who happen to be on TV. I love that they really seem to care about each other, they don't swear all the time and they all have a sense of humor about each other and themselves, especially Gene. The scenes when he got his hair dyed last week were hilarious.

    I loved the whole thing at the spa last night:
    Shannon: "Where did all this come from?"
    Gene: "Peter brought it."
    As if that explains everything. I loved the look on his face when Shannon walked in the door to find him amid a pile of Carl's Jr. and in front of a TV. The physical intimacy seminar was a riot! The looks on their faces as the lecturer talked about what she enjoys in bed had me rolling.

    I couldn't believe Shannon's sister would bring that guy to the house to pierce Sophie's navel. At least Sophie had the sense to run! I can't imagine that Gene and Shannon would be happy about that, especially considering that Sophie is 13.

    I just read that Hogan Knows Best was renewed for a third season. I hope A&E keeps this series going since I think it's far more entertaining (and the family much more likeable) than the Hogans.
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    I missed the first half of last night's original episode, so I don't know how or why they were at the spa. Nevertheless, as always, I enjoyed what I did see.

    Strangely (for me), I've always liked Gene Simmons, as he seems to have started with just about nothing, and made himself into a mogul, of sorts. He's really an excellent businessperson, and that same adjective appartently also applies to family member.

    I'm liking this show immensely.
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    As a second-generation Kiss Fan (yes, my Dad has everything imaginable from them), I was thrilled to see show coming but I got kind of scared because i thought it might end up like the Osbournes or Hogan Knows Best. THANKFULLY, it's much better. Their family life is real, the kids are a riot, and there's no cussing or mean spirits when they talk to each other. I think best of all, Gene knows and has come to a realization that his ego is everything to him, but at the end of the day, he's just a guy in the world, and a family man. So many times I've seen Brooke or Nick Hogan just slather on the "My Daddy's a star" approach, and it just doesn't cut it for me. Give me some good wholesome tv with a down to earth family. This is REAL reality tv, people.

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    Love this show...love the Simmons/Tweed family...love the fact that my twelve year old can watch it with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlena_M View Post
    I read on IMDB one of Shannon's "famous one liners" was about why she and Gene aren't married. She said "He opted not to marry and I opted not to bitch about it". Okay that's all fine and dandy but then why did she try and do the ambush wedding that night when it was supposed to be a surprise birthday party for her? That seems contradictory to me.
    The ambush wedding was just a practical joke on Gene to turn the tables on him since she knew about the surprise party. It wasn't even a real Rabbi.

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    yep i agree this is finally a good show about a celebrity family!

    Gene and Shannon seem to have done a great job raising their kids... unlike the Osbourne mess and the horrible Hogans

    I really like it that underneath his "ego" Gene puts his family first and is a great dad!

    Love the show!

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    I adore this family

    I was so impressed with Monday night's show when they were doing the family portrait and the wardrobe woman wanted Sophie to dress sexy. Sophie said, "I'm 13! I don't dress sexy."

    GOOD FOR HER! I was never a KISS fan and I didn't know much about either Gene or Shannon, but I am so surprised and very very impressed with what I've seen of the lovely family and amazing kids they have.

    Also really nice change of pace from the swearing-every-two-seconds Osbournes, with their total disrespect not only for each other but also for those around them.

    This show rocks! Wish we saw more families like this on tv. It gives me hope that not all celebrity kids are spoiled rotten brats like Kelly or Paris.

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    I love the show also, I keep missing episodes though so I can't wait for a marathon. Is Nick a little hottie or what?

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    My hubby and I just love this show so much, and we can't wait to hear what Nick has to say next. Both kids seem to be so nice and loving to their parents and it's really nice to see that! Nobody has mentioned yet how HILARIOUS Nick is!!!! This kid is so naturally funny when he's talking about his dad, we are just rolling with laughter!! I loved the couch session where he talks about his dad's inner voice saying "You da MAN, oh yeah" It's a great show and I hope they follow this family for quite some time!

    We also loved the part about Gene's driving with the (picture the hand motions) the mirror, the visor, the shades, the other mirror, the hand over eyes.....too funny!!!

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