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Thread: The Contender (ESPN)

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    The Contender (ESPN)

    Is any one watching this season? It's pretty good, especially with more Sugar Ray and no Stallone. Great fighters too!
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    I didn't even know it was on, I'll have to catch a replay.

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    Yes I am watching. Season 1 was fantastic and after watching 2 episodes from season 2 I think it'll be just as good. I love the way they are changing things up this season.

    I remember there was a forum for The Contender season 1, but I can't see it anymore. Has it been deleted? Any chance of bringing it back?

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    I'm watching it too. I really enjoyed Season 1 so I hooked now. There was some pretty intense fighting during the premiere - good competition.
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    I can't even believe i missed the first episode. I just caught the end of the last episode and it looks good so far...but where the heck is Sly?

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    I'm glad I noticed this was being replayed tonight - the first two episodes were replayed on espn2. Loved the first season. This one looks good too (except for the commercial placement - after round 3 of the first fight, they showed promos for the next show that gave away the outcome of the fight). I'm glad they're not having the team competitions this season - it didn't seem right to have the boxers risk injuring themselves to win a dodgeball competition.

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    I am watching it, I don't like that they aren't doing challenges for picks. Seems like a good way to create a streak, if the team that wins always gets to pick the fights. This way you can keep blue picking good match ups for themselves.

    Anyways ESPN should be shot... MAKE you G-D dang tv shows TIVO friendly. Tried setting a season pass and it wasted to record EVERY replay of the show. I only want new episodes.

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    I love watching The Contender! I thought it would receive more ratings if The Contender were on NBC instead of ESPN.

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    Much much better without that idiot Stallone.

    That second fight was viscous, especially that last round where they literally stood head to head trading shots to the face for about 90 seconds.

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    I caught it. K-9 lucked out.

    The last fight was awesome. I couldn't decide who I wanted to win...so I picked th dad.

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