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Thread: Workout (Bravo)

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    I finshed watching my tape and one thing I have to say, Rebecca's flirting is getting very old. After watching an hour of her hitting on males and females it was enough already. Stop.
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    I had TiVo'd the first episode and finally got around to watching it last night. I liked it! I'll definitely keep watching. For a brief moment, I considered walking on the treadmill while watching it, but I didn't have the energy to pick myself up off the couch and walk the 10 feet over to the treadmill. Maybe next time they'll inspire me!

    My initial impressions:

    Jackie -- a tough boss, but I respect her; I thought her girlfriend was a little too much of a drama queen (biting? seriously??); I thought it was funny when the client (the actor) was hitting on her and she was just like, "nope, sorry, not interested..."

    Brian -- acts younger than 27; did he really think going to a strip club was the best way to get in good with Jackie?? if so, then he's not exactly a mental giant (Rebecca seemed to be enjoying herself, however...)

    Andre -- hard to form an opinion -- he was barely in this episode

    Erika -- she's the one I'd probably want to train with, if I could; I liked her no-nonsense, no-flirting attitude, yet she really seemed to care about her clients

    Zen -- like Andre, she was barely in this episode, so no opinion yet

    Jesse -- seemed nice; didn't seem too thrown when Rebecca's first question when he was being introduced to the group was about his sexual orientation

    Rebecca --

    I finshed watching my tape and one thing I have to say, Rebecca's flirting is getting very old. After watching an hour of her hitting on males and females it was enough already. Stop.
    I agree completely. I think she's outgoing and she seems like a good trainer, but her behavior is soooo inappropriate. She needs to learn when it's okay vs. when it's not. She seems to think that as long as she announces to the world that she's flirtatious that she can then proceed to do whatever she wants. She's 30 years old....does she really think mooning her boss at her workplace is that funny?

    Doug -- Seemed like a real nice guy. I thought it was sweet when he said that he wants to be everybody's friend.

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    I watched this as well and actually was completely shocked to see Brian on there. I lived in his neck of the woods for about 7-8 years and he has not changed one bit. It's a very small town and everyone knows everyone, so there are many stories. I cannot believe he is living in LA...But in all he is a good guy just a little ego.
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    I'm so over me
    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    wasn't supposed to debut until next Wednesday, the 25th. I wonder why they moved it up? Was it any good??
    I tuned in fully expecting to enjoy the drama of a female Jonathan Antin, but I actually ended up finding Jackie sympathetic and liking her. I loved the way she treated her clients. She's so much more professional and mature compared to Jonathan that I wonder where the 97% drama Bravo promises will come from (perhaps from her trainwreck of a girlfriend Mimi?).

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    I just caught this show today. I actually got sucked in.

    Sometimes I like Brian but others, not so much. The strip club thing wasn't so bad, I mean it was like a work outing. It would have been weird if it was just the two of them.

    I like Rebecca, I think she's fun. I was trying to figure out why she looked familiar.

    I don't think Jackie's gf, Mimi is pretty. She's weird. Very insecure and immature. And the biting thing?!?

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    Mimi = jealousy = control issues. I really don't care for that girl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    The website still says that this show wasn't supposed to debut until next Wednesday, the 25th. I wonder why they moved it up? Was it any good??
    I was wondering the same thing. They kept saying it was a special premiere - maybe they will be showing the same episode again this week? That seems silly, though.

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    I saw my first episode of this show today and I actually liked it. I thought that Jackie was going to be this hard ass woman but I truly found myself liking her. She turned out to be the total opposite of my first impression. Yeah, yeah, never judge a book by its cover. I'm sure I'll catch other episodes.

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    If any of you have iTunes you can download the first episode for free. That's how I saw it, since I don't have cable.

    I actually liked it, but I'm a sucker for bad reality tv. And Jackie's girlfriend is nutso. I'm wondering if she turned it up a notch for the cameras.

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    Mimi is such a spoiled, self-centered, immature girlfriend. She obviously has issues that have nothing to do with Jackie. Jackie, herself, is kind of passive-aggressive towards Mimi and probably wants to break up with her.

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