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Thread: The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency

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    Does Anyone Reconize Marcus from Survival of the richest! I was so shocked, i was like "HE WAS ON TV BEFORE!".

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    Wasn't Michelle (or one of the other ANTM contestants) supposed to be on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allie View Post
    Wasn't Michelle (or one of the other ANTM contestants) supposed to be on this?
    I think I caught Michelle at the invite only casting call....wasn't she the one that Janice picked when she said that she needed a walker? It was really brief, but I believe that was Michelle.

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    I watched the first two episodes that made up the series premiere. Hmm, where to start.

    I like Janice. Can't help it, I just like her. But then I tend to like people who say what they're thinking and without malice. I see no malice in her. She may underestimate others' fragility sometimes, yes, but then again this is her bread and butter, she can't mess around. And to be fair, people usually give her attitude first, before she lets loose a bit.

    I wish she would've been nicer to the guy who didn't want to get naked due to his religious principles... but oh well. She didn't 'get it'. And I'm not sure why she demanded guys get naked at an audition - to me that was odd. She didn't use the pix for a magazine or anything... so what was that?

    Overall only a few of her hires stood out, to me. The woman from Africa, the very blond woman, and the man who looks Italian who Janice said she would get into Emporio Armani. And one she didn't apparently hire - the guy with the weird, 'rock star' face. He's in all the previews, so what happened? Why didn't Janice sign him?

    I do worry that Janice's lack of people skills may hurt her at least at first. To set up a business you need people to trust you. She has no track record as an agent, and if she makes models cry, they might run. Especially since she's hiring total beginners. Just a thought. Just being practical here.

    When Janice said "I am not your mother" to the homeless model - well, isn't that how Ford and Wilhelmina founded their core group? Moms knew that they could trust their teens because they did take models under their wing and look out for them. Janice should've known that the homeless girl would rely on her a bit more than most that way.

    I think Janice needs to hire a super-sweet "mom" type of go-between (for her agency, as she's so blunt) if she's to succeed. (I'm going by next week's previews now. I'm not saying that what she says isn't true btw, just how she says it is unproductive.) She is a really good photographer with a great eye for talent, but, running things day to day requires different skills than that.

    Two more random things: Most of her hires are too old for modeling really. Also, the triplets drove me nuts. I would never hire anyone smacking gum like they did or with their dress sense, or posture. Their body language just screamed, "I could care less and I have a problem with authority; pay me for being me".

    She seems like a good mom... To heck with what Omagrossa said.

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    There were 2 back to back episodes, 10pm and 10:30pm. I'm sure they will be showing repeats of both shows this week.

    Thank you Serpentina- I had DVR'ed what appeared to be a one hour show on Dish Network....I haven't had a chance to watch all of it but I did get into the first 5 minutes of the second 1/2 hour episode.

    I thought Janice was REALLY nice to offer those three blonde twits another job working on the "myspace" website, yes it was a demotion, but I thought that was nice of her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat View Post
    I am disappointed to see this show under "Other Reality Shows". Since ANTM is so popular I figure this one will get a lot of board action.

    I missed the first one but caught last night. It seems disorganized but I assume once rolling a format will emerge.
    Perhaps it's listed under "Other Reality Shows" unlike ANTM because UPN (or whatever the new name for it will be when they join with WB), is available to more people to watch than Oxygen. I know I don't get Oxygen.
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    I have "summer brain" right now, and completely forgot about this show. Thanks for reminding me, I am curious to see it.

    I feel ambivalent towards ol' Janice, but whether I am loving or hating her behavior, I'm seldom bored by it. I'm going to have to search for the reruns of this, and I'll come back to comment on it after I've seen it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat View Post
    I am disappointed to see this show under "Other Reality Shows". Since ANTM is so popular I figure this one will get a lot of board action.
    Just to clarify - we only make forums for shows we're recapping. This show has a limited audience, seeing as it's on Oxygen.

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    I'd like to start my post with my reasons for liking ANTM and then I'll get to Janice's show: I've been watching ANTM since the beginning and despite not really ever giving a hoot about the modeling industry, there is something about the show keeps me coming back for more. Some of the photos that have come out of ANTM have been just breathtaking. I also like the format of the show - it has a way of sucking a person in for the ride. I find it professionally done, tasteful, and very entertaining.

    With that said, I think JD's show has a feel of haste, panic, disorganization, and desperation....a frantic desperation to compete with Tyra.

    The situation with the triplets was a really sorry display. She was so needlessly condescending to them that it was hard to watch. I can't believe the triplets didn't walk out sooner. Better yet, they should have thrown the gum in her hair on the way out.

    I don't find JD's personality "quirky" or "refreshingly honest". I find her painfully arrogant, hurtful, manic and just flat out abnormal. She reminds me of the larger-than-life, villainous female characters in children's literature, i.e. Cruella De Vil, Queen Jadis, etc.

    I'm also baffled as to how someone that has been in the industry for so long has such a seemingly poor eye for model material. The photography was hideous.

    Lastly, anyone else notice how Janice is being filmed through a mist filter so her wrinkles and/or blemishes don't show up as much? It's so obvious that it's cracking me up. This whole show is full of material for SNL.

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    The famous 60s Star Trek mist filter! Oh, what I'm missing not having cable.
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