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Thread: The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency

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    Totally agree with you there Aga. I liked Janice on ANTM, but as noted: a little goes a long way. I do not like it when she is all in your face with people. It's exhausting. If we could have a show which showed girls/women who had real potential versus most of the sub-par chosen for ANTM it would be nice (I've seen quite a few women on ANTM who are marvellous, but most are either too old, too short, too chubby or too damn ugly to make it).

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    I'm actually anxious to see what Janice has to offer. Although a fan of ANTM I often felt that winners were picked based more on "likeability" than "fierceness". I'm hoping that Janice will have the guts to pick models based on performance ONLY regardless of whether they have a great "story/attitude".

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    Quote Originally Posted by aga View Post
    Janice is very talented as a photographer and a model scout and mentor. She can also be self-destructive and mean-spirited. I hope that this show focuses more on the former rather than the latter.
    Well said, aga... And, I couldn't agree with you more.


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    Quote Originally Posted by catwoman1955 View Post
    Well said, aga... And, I couldn't agree with you more.


    I agree also. The only real problem I have with Janice, is that she prefers models that are super skinny (think Elyse ANTM 1). That was one of the disagreements that Tyra and she fought about. Tyra thought the girls should be more healthy looking and Janice wanted them skinny for couture shows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy View Post
    What's up with TiVo? I still cannot find this title in my TiVo searches.

    Looking forward to this show. I like Janice. Go Janice!

    Meanwhile, Omarrrrosa - is getting breast implants!
    Type in the word Janice. It is the first word of the show's title.

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    Janice Dickenson's show premiers tonight

    at 10p EST on Oxygen ....does anyone care?

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    Has FORT assigned anyone to recap the show?
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    No, sorry. For one thing, it's on Oxygen, which not everyone gets, and the writing staff has a full plate right now.

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    I'm watching it right now. So far so good.

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    Alright FORTers! I am watching the rerun of the first episode. I missed the first 15 minutes or so.

    They jury is still out for me on this. I think that this show has huge potential and could find its own niche in the reality market. It sort of reminds me of Johnathan's Hair Salon because of the business start up swing to it.

    I do not see an ANTM or Project Runway duplication so far....which is a good thing. I love both shows and would be very disappointed if I saw familiarities with the show.

    I like that she is trying to start up an agency and built a portfolio of models to book. This prevents her from looking for one type of model. She needs many diverse models to fill a variety of areas as opposed to ANTM.

    I like Janice when she is professional and passionate about the business. I think she is a talented photographer and does have the eye to point out the IT factors. However, we all know that she can have scorpian tendencies. Hopefully, her support team can keep her focused, balanced and sober.

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