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Thread: New Reality Show "Game Show Marathon" Coming To CBS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    Ah, but you could almost see the potential if SOMEBODY WHO DIDN'T SUCK was hosting it. I actually enjoyed the six celebs (vs. the ones faking being players, who I hated). There ARE people out there who could do the hosting job for this justice. Sure, they won't be Gene, and Gene is worthy of plenty of everlasting respect, but this show needs to come back. Just as FAR from "Yay-Meister" Lake as possible.

    I think you need to go non-traditional and use a good stand-up comic. But they can't act like a stuffed dummy, like Howie Mandel on "Deal or No Deal"--the host of "Match Game '07" (for argument's sake we will call it that) would have to be very quick on their feet, and very interactive with the stars. More than saying "Yay" and jumping up and down like Ricki Lake, I mean.
    Part of the charm of the old Match Game was the banter of Gene, Richard, Brett and Charles.
    You would need quick witted people. Certainly not a Ricki Lake type. I think Mandel does a good job on DOND.

    I did enjoy hearing the old music that they played during the questions.
    You're right though, part of the reason I bailed early was Lake was hosting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    Two words for how bad this turned to be:

    Ricki. Lake.

    She sucked hard, so it did too.

    And I wanted to see Betty White play! Why have a slam-dunk star like Betty in the audience and not use her?
    I know, most of the time I had to watch it with the sound off. Until I stopped watching it all together.
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    So the two stars that just happened to make it into the finals also have both just happened to play Family Feud years ago? Riiiiight.
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