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Thread: Flavor of Love

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg View Post
    yes they do, paticullarly Miss New York... she is a typical chickenhead and Pumpkin described her perfectly ..TRANSVESTITE!
    Please give a better definition of chickenhead. Thanks.

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    This show is proof that I will get hooked on any show. My apologies to all the writers whose show don't get on the air because I can't help myself. It's like a disease.

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    I can't remember who said it but someone said New York looked liked Shrek . I wouldn't say that's totally true but...

    I was never a big fan of Flav but I now think his personality is cool. Outside of his goofy trademarks and sillyness he appears to be caring and sensitive, not to say he doesn't have his faults but generally he's cool. He's not being totally fooled by the women and clouded by his attraction to them - for instance he knew New York was faking her falls and recognizes when the girls who are behave a little too eager. Initially all I remember of him is the hype-man who was loud and looked for plenty of attention. If he's really looking for love then I hope he finds it.
    "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." ~Anais Nin

    "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye." ~H. Jackson Brown Jr

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    I swear I was going to try and pass on this show, but episode 2 got me hooked in till the end. It might have been the sheer amount of ladies at the beginning but now that it's getting to a smaller group I'm totally enjoying it.

    New York is a TRIP! It's really hard for me to take her seriously, although I realize that she's (sadly) being serious about everything. It's hard to look at her without laughing though cause she's such a mess. Red Oyster is another one that's just about like New York where she's a total mess but cracks me up with her seriousness about herself.

    I really want to see more of Goldie though...not only did she have me laughing with her last night, but she's one of the only "normal" girls left in the group. Just no more Hottie in the hoochie outfits PLEASE!

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    this show is hilarious.......these women are crazy and funny to watch. New York is definitely going to be around for a little while i think at least for the drama aspect. Rain's gone but i was afraid she was gonna break when he cut her. That was nice editing.....letting us believe oyster may be cut cause she snitched....but he appreciated it...who would have thought? The comment Flav made about Goldie was funny....something to the effect of "she was dancing....i wanted her to calm down some before she shake the jacuzzi off the mountain"(i totally messed up the quote). I wonder how they're going to handle the senior citizens and children next week....

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    I watched most of the first ep and I really enjoyed the show. Unfortunately I missed episode 2. I can't believe that Rain went psycho! I remember her from the first ep saying she was the only one who was really there for Flav, not the fame, she seemed very nice and sane. Anyone know where there are photos of the women?? I went to the official site and could only find episode shots. I am trying to remember who each of these women are.

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    I will be watching this just like I watched Being Bobby Brown, for the entertainment value of it all. Besides I find Flav funny because he doesn't take himself too seriously but does seem to have a good nature to himself. I don't need everything I watch to be serious tv, I need a break every now and then and Flav definitely serves that purpose.

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    This show is so funny that I can't stop watching. The petty fights these women have are hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno View Post
    Absolutely sickening.

    I have never enjoyed watching Flav, and I can't BELIEVE that there is a show with him as the "centerpiece".
    I would rather watch a reality show about moss growing on a rock.
    I agree with you 100% about Flav! None of these girls have pure intentions. I mean, c'mon, it's Flava Flav - he's exactly a sex symbol or anything of that sort . . . at all!

    But this show IS very entertaining! The girls crack me up. I hate that bitch, New York. I was cracking up when Pumkin said "at least I don't look like a transvestite!"

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    Red Oyster





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