Bravo celebrates good times as the eight-part, one-hour series "Party/Party" follows the dramatic lives of 16 diverse families as they put major time, energy, and cash into the planning and preparation of the party to end all parties. Viewers will see a five-year-old's $10,000 princess party complete with a horse drawn Cinderella carriage, the inspirational wedding ceremony of childhood sweet-hearts reunited after years apart, as well as the most magnificent Bat Mitzvah this side of Jerusalem.

Each one-hour episode will explore the contrasting ways in which two very different families celebrate similar events. The common bond is each family's wish to throw the best party ever to create the most memorable event possible for the guest of honor. What each episode unveils is the nonstop mania over the smallest details from the invitation list, to the most impressive venue, to the ideal party attire, to the right selection of tunes. Coming to final decisions between parents, children, spouses, party-planners and anyone else who desires to throw in their two cents can be quite the challenge. Hopefully, the end result will be a night to remember.
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Well, this has become (easily) a must-see show for me. It's excellent! It's, IMO, similar to Wife Swap or Trading Spouses in the sense that these families are WACKY with the party events and the $$$$ spent on them! There are no "trading" moms or dads, the cameras follow the families in their everyday life of planning for these huge events. It's really shocking how some of these people act & live.

I really hope there are a lot of other people watching... I'd love to talk about it every week.