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Thread: Deal or No Deal (U.S. and all international versions)

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    I forgot to mention that you can play the game on the NBC site.


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    ^ It's really fun actually.

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    I watched one episode and found it to be okay but not something I would go out of my way to watch. If nothing better is on, then I might catch it now and then.

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    DH and I watched an episode last week, but were both completely bored. I do not get the appeal.

    (And whoever marveled upthread about Howie's model-name-calling abilities was right on!)
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    Anemic Dog
    Millionaire was fun because at first, the contestants were all picked fairly from those who did the best on the phone test.

    Then there were complaints that there were too many white male engineer-types. So they got rid of the timed portion of the test, went to casting and it started to look like a "normal" game show. That's exactly when the ratings started sinking. They alienated their hard-core trivia audience by eliminating their peers from the show.

    Jeopardy is the only game show I can watch. You have to pass a pretty difficult test in order to try out for it (usually 95% of those who take the test go home right away).

    Deal or No Deal... we watched on Monday. I can't imagine ever watching again. The only interesting part is that the "right" decision differs for each person because the opportunity cost of continuing in hopes of the huge payout is at a level where it matters for some people, and not for others. They did a good job selecting money values for the suitcases.

    The problem is, of course, that it took them 50 minutes and 60 commercials to get through one contestant. There's just too little payoff for one very extended piece of psychological drama.

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    oceans of time
    i am a fan of howie but his build up going into the commericals is very annoying.

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    For some reason Howie even LOOKS annoying in this show.
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    More silly suitcase action tonight!

    Nice model dresses tonight. Some of the ones last time were really lame. It must come from having to buy something cheap enough to outfit that many ladies all the same.

    Howie appears to be even MORE annoying this time out--at least so far.

    Some of these models are definitely different from last time. For example, Donna, who's suit case just eliminated $1m for the guy first playing, wasn't there before. And I notice that Bonnie-Jill Laflin is definitely gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    More silly suitcase action tonight!
    Count me out. I'd rather watch all the snarkiness on "Wife Swap" over on ABC.

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    I am a Deal or No Deal fan. I don't think I would like to watch every night, but this is a fun change of pace.

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