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Thread: Paris and Nicole REUNITE for Tickle Fights, Blood Baths

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    Paris and Nicole REUNITE for Tickle Fights, Blood Baths

    by Shazzer

    Fansofrealitytv.com - Can’t get enough of two emaciated stick girls clashing over men, hand bags, and Chihuahuas? No, it’s not time for another Mary Kate and Ashley film. Instead, E!, the soft-core network that floods our homes with the tender-hearted, “Wild On” series and “Girls with Low-Self-Esteem” ratings blockbusters, has now decided to order ten, all-new episodes of the Fox hit, “The Simple Life,” subtitled “’Til Death Do Us Part”.

    Yes, in the Spring of 2006, Ted Harbert, President & CEO of E! Networks, (and all around cool guy) boasts an all new twist to the already-exciting show. "We are thrilled to welcome Paris, Nicole and 'The Simple Life' to E!," said Harbert. "The addition of this huge comedy hit to our schedule will continue to distinguish E! as the leader in entertainment, celebrity and pop culture television,” he says robotically, reading adeptly from a teleprompter.

    In each of the ten new episodes, the girls will be set back in the “wacky” land of housewifery, where they will be cooking, cleaning, scrubbing toilets, and doing all the things necessary to showcase their skill in the actually, seriously hard and taken-far-too-for-granted land of making a house a home. Also included in their wifely duties, which be actual mothering . God help those children. Each family will ultimately decide which new mommy does a better job, the one who relates to the children on their level, maturity wise, or the one that relates to them on their level, maturity wise? It’ll be a toss up.

    E! will also covet access to the 36-episode vault of prior Simple Life goodness. Pig insemination, immature hot dog stand behavior, and road kill assignments will all be up for regular Tivoing soon. Stay tuned!
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    You know it's gonna be bad when E gets Fox's sloppy leftovers, ciuple things could happen here. E gets big ratings or Vince McMahon gets the next WWE PPV main match

    Paris v Nichole
    Till death do they part

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    I wonder if Nicole's recent romatic break-up was a reaction to the idea of having to do this stuff in earnest for someone.

    Can't they just sub-in Tara Reid for Nicole and have her and Paris drunk and high, screwing lots of guys, cursing people, crashing cars, flipping people the bird and tossing their cookies a lot? That would be more interesting than Paris and Nichole pretending to give a crap about each other long enough to pretend to wash dishes and change nappies.

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    Do you notice that all Nicole's new BFF hate Paris? And now there's the People interview with MaryKate where she's grieves over the man Paris stole from her. Ugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    That would be more interesting than Paris and Nichole pretending to give a crap about each other long enough to pretend to wash dishes and change nappies.
    We may not have to endure such pretense. If their "feud" doesn't end, they'll be filming on alternating days.

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    Just read on "Defamer" that the rumored reason for the initial split was the result of Nicole showing "One Night In Paris" at a party. Also, it said that at a recent function Paris said she was sorry for Nicole's recent split, as she knew how hard HER split from boy Paris was (haha). And she said that with Christmas coming, it made her want to see about patching things up with Nicole.
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