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Thread: Restaurant Makeover

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    Restaurant Makeover

    I just watched the Restaurant Makeover show and I was sick to my stomach.
    How the hell can a restaurant go on with business in all that filth. Come on even McD's change the oil in the fryer sometimes. A friend of mine even said there was a dead fried roach in the fryer when they pour that sludge out.

    What got me at the reveal was that even though the decor wasn't what the owner wanted she should've been grateful for all the other stuff like rebuilding her subfloors, cleaning the filth and electric needs. In the end notes they said the owner complained to the media sold and painted all the furniture but enjoys her packed house every night.

    Of course you're going to enjoy the packed house cause the place is finally clean. If I was canadas health department this place would have been closed years ago and she can fork over all of her own money and take out a loan to get that place up to code.

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    I just watched the second one on Coco's. What cracks me up is that after spending $15,000 on the renovation and new menus, the owners go back to their old way of doing things.
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    I guess he went back to the old menu because they had a clientele that liked the old menu and it was also a bit less work for one person in the kitchen. It is not easy in the back of the house either, especially if you're expected to do all the dishes that he was shown for the new menu. That was a lot of work. Sometimes those dives have the best food.

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