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Thread: But Can They Sing (VH1)

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    Bai Ling is fun though! lol she's cute, she's obviously still ther because she has that fun factor, cause its definitely because of singing lol. I think the blue ranger guy will win, he's not that bad of singer, plus he's easy on the eyes.

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    Carmine Gotti Agnello
    Huge fan base, bless their little pea-picking hearts, they’re loyal. Carmine may want to rethink his “Mini-Me” impersonation of Frank Sinatra (thinking Mafia ties and “I Did It My Way”. However, one cannot post any criticism of him on VH1 Message boards. His fans come out with their teeth bared and their claws exposed. It’s a group of twisted panties, that’s for sure. But Carmine cannot sing - he just renders a talking version - no matter what - it hops.

    Morgan Fairchild

    A “decent” singer when the song is in her range like Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” otherwise her vocals are shaky at best. The way she dances, I wish she would either take something for those stomach cramps or find an ointment for that horrible itch. The orange wig last week looked like Little Orphan Annie Gone Wild! (Pay-per-view).

    Bai Ling

    Sings as though she is sitting on an unbalanced washing machine on a spin cycle with a cat trapped inside. I worried about that little stool in her act last week. I was afeared that she was going to cut it in two with that buzzsaw mohawk. But she drapes beautifully. The camera lingered so long on that final shot, I believe there was time for advertising on those little red riding shorts.

    Michael Copon

    Arguably the best singer in the group. However, it may not be enough to combat the Gotti fan base. He does look as though he’s facing a root canal without anesthetic when faced with the Gotti fans live. Who could blame him?


    Antonio Sabato Jr.

    Who could forget that first week when our little Pinocchio first appeared. Alas there was no Guiseppio in sight. But they must have found each other that first week because Antonio came back strong and had his groove going on. He should always take his shirt off. His vocals were greatly improving and I was enjoying the show. However, in the rotten state of Denmark, the 3rd place contestant is no more. *humming “There’s Something Going Wrong Around Here.”*



    Make Victoria Gotti put down that can of RAID.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Enjoy the show - it’s all for charity.

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    Oy. This show makes me want to puncture my ear drums.
    "You're gonna tip that boat over and wet my weave!" To Rome For Love on Bravo

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    Well, I happened to catch the finale show tonight (don't know if tonight was the real finale or I just happened to catch a repeat?!)...Anyway...final 3 were Morgan Fairchild, Carmine Gotti and Blue Ranger Michael Cupon. Thank goodness Michael won...tho I think he was surprised as I was that Carmine didn't win!!! I thought the girls were going to rip Carmine's clothes off!!!!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Michael Copon can sing decently depending on the song. I'm sooo glad he won because I think he actually deserved it.

    I honestly can't see how Morgan made it as far as she did. Same as Carmine--its painful hearing him sing, and its not even funny or flashy like when Bai Ling does it.

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    I'm completely amazed I thought for sure that with the young lady fan support Carmine was going to walk away with this. I was ready to be disgusted with the ending, but hearing Michael's name as the winner was definitely a pleasant surprise.

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    If Carmine won this show would've become more of a joke than it already may be.

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