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Thread: Victoria's Secret – The End of a Ty-Era

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    First, I don't think Tyra has retired, and second , Heidi looked pretty amazing seeing that she gave birth about 1 month before this show aired!
    Go Tigers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by totoro View Post
    Victoria's Secret – The End of a Ty-Era

    by totoro

    Tyra's departure makes room roomfor a new generation of Victoria's Secret “angels”, so called because of the traditional donning of angel wings during the lingerie exhibition. Making their Victoria's Secret debuts this year are relative newcomers, Selita Banks and Izabel Goulet. Regular viewers of this fashion spectacle will recognize staple supermodels such as Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima.
    room room because of her boom booms?

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    wow...*tear* i'm going to miss tyra. but yeah..victoria secret should be getting new younger prettier models...a fresh look is always good =)

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    I find it hilarious that the person who is replacing Tyra Banks is Selita Ebanks, a girl who just put an 'E' right before Tyra's last name. lol....

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    Ahhhh! I just love Selita. <3 I love her look. I'm gonna miss Tyra and her awesome walk... =(

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