Hi Fans of Reality!

This is Shirley Bovshow, one of the hosts and designers on Discovery Home Channel's "Garden Police" show. Just wanted to put out a personal invitation for you to watch the show. It airs on Thursday nights at 8 PM. The premise of the show is as follows:

Landscape Designers, Shirley Bovshow and Michael Glassman are the Garden Police who patrol the streets of Los Angeles looking for the ugliest front yard on the block. Once identifying the bane of the neighborhood, the Garden Police confront the homeowner and cite them for their various garden and design offenses. The homeowners are given the opportunity to redeem themselves through "sweat equity" (digging, shoveling, planting, demolition- whatever it takes to fix their mess). If they agree to participate, the Garden Police designs a new yard that will transform the ugliest yard on the block to the most beautiful. Along the way, the homeowners and viewers learn a lot about landscaping and gardening.

So, its a twist on a common theme but Michael and I are excited about the passion and excitement we bring to the show. As professional landscape designers with our own practices, (mine in Los Angeles and his in Sacramento), we are committed to bringing hiqh quality design and observing professional standards in the installation. We don't build "landscape facades" for the show as unfortunately some other shows have been accused of.

I hope you will watch and log on to my web site to see the before and after photos of all the projects we have done so far. You can also check the Discovery Home website for official show information and schedule.

my website is:


Thanks again.
Shirley Bovshow
Garden Police
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