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Thread: The First 48

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    The First 48

    Does anyone else watch this killer (no pun intended) show? For those unfamiliar with TF48, it's on A&E every Thursday night (check your local listings) and it's a show about cops trying to solve actual murders within the first 48 hours. Sometimes they solve the case, sometimes they don't. It's really fascinating watching a murder investigation from beginning to end. The sad part is when the cops have to inform the family that their loved one was murdered. My heart goes out to them.

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    Yep..I watch this! It's one that I enjoy seeing the whole process.

    Did you see the one where the girl and guy were dead, she was stabbed to death and dragged to the tub and the guy (supposedly) jumped 12 floors to his death?

    It still bugs me that the limo driver lied about being in the apartment with them.. he was talking to the police, the very people you're suppose to NEVER lie to. Also, the guy that "jumped" out of the window... it still bugs me that he had a palm fron in his hand AND he had scraped up fingernails (defensive clues).

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