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Thread: Wife Swap

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    Money, we get reimbursed for our expenses..

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    Okay yes I did get them clothes.. And the shoking thing was it wasnt enough for her.. I know my daughter is usually greatful. Cataya wanted more and more and more..
    YEs my weight. When my ex beat me, he made me feel ugly. (he is in jail currently for beating me) I wasnt allowed nice clothes, to wear makeup (which I dont now.. Only lip gloss and mascara...) I fell makeup covers up what we already have.. HE didnt let me out of the house iwth my friends...
    SO I gained ALOT of weight. I started goign to the gym and working out.
    Yes hoenstly do people hate me? YES I Am constantly being told to my face "oh my god you look like PAm Anderson, or Carmen Electra" but behind my back of COURSE they bash me.. I d not feed into it. I knew goign into this show I would be perceived like that. Remember, woman are gernally haters. So to speak.. Not all but more than none are.. I am a college graduate with my BS in Social Science. I am highly educated but do lack alot of common sense. I put too much into books. I get walked all over constantly. I dont care. I like to do for people. My husband likes to do for me...ANy other questions get back to me.. I am home from my salon now!

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    Yes, actually... (and thank you for answering the other questions). I didn't see an answer to these. If you don't want to that is absolutely fine - just wasn't sure you saw them.

    Here those few are again:

    Do you keep in touch with them (Tattoo family) still?

    Have you heard from the producers since the show? Were they nice to you guys? Did they ever ask you to film a scene again so they can get a better shot?

    After the Tattoo guy (I just can't recall any names! I watch tv while I do other stuff too and half watch it) stormed out of the post-show interviews... What did you guys do for three hours? Did they break for dinner? How did they talk you guys into staying? I did notice that after that point the focus seemed to be on praising Tattoo guy and there weren't really any more criticisms. Probably a good thing though.

    Ok one more 'last question' haha. How have things changed in your day to day lives since the show aired? Do people treat you any differently - whether good or bad?
    I"m glad to hear your ex is in jail because of what he did... I hope he learns something about how to treat people. It's interesting that you're into the Roman culture. Personaly I think they put their women up on a pedestal a little TOO much (as in, their appearance up there is all that counts; the women didn't even have to walk much, so their feet would not lose shape!). They were mostly arm candy and child bearers, not in positions of power or influence in society other than that. Their culture seemed to look down on women as far as women holding jobs, or am I confusing it with the Greeks. Pretty sure though the women were seen as worthwhile to bear heirs and not much more. But the upper class women did have a comfortable life. But that was mostly afforded due to slaves. But granted - there's probably a lot about it I don't know. That's just how I see it.

    Sorry that other women hated on you, I assumed probably so. When I was in my 20s it happened to me a lot too and it always hurt my feelings, I could never understand that. What one person has in any way does not take away from what the next one has or doesn't have. A friend wants their friends to be and to do well. I always felt like if they'd given me a chance they could have seen I was a good person and a loyal friend. Some people really don't want to be nice to others I guess.

    Seemed like the show was setting you up to seem a certain way because you are pretty and it's like they just played into that whole jealousy thing of, she's pretty so she must be shallow and all that. Which is just a public preconception. But the show usually goes for the main stereotypes.

    I did notice too that the Tattoo wife was meeker around her husband. I felt bad for their kids not getting socialised, with mostly adults around all the time. (Strange adults, too, who ignored the kids.) Maybe that's why the little girl didn't have good manners about saying thank you etc. That or she never got anything new before, which is kinda sad (or both) I dunno.

    Other stuff I just thought of.

    What do your kids feel they got out of the swap experience? What does your husband feel he got out of it?
    And also:

    Tell more about the cheerleading lesson. Where did you learn those cheers? How was the class set up? Was it a last minute thing? I noticed it was out on the lawn. All the little girls seemed enthusiastic though and they were so cute. Whose idea was it to have her be a cheerleader - the show's, the little girl's or yours, etc.?
    Ok, that's probably enough - just answer what you want to and whatever. Thanks again.
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    Once again, my ABC station didn't air this episode, so I had to wait until Saturday to watch it on CTV.

    Quote Originally Posted by jacobson00 View Post
    You can't judge a book by its cover
    Watch me. Tattoo dad is a moron. I loved tattoo mom. The only bad thing I can say about her is that she's an enabler. The only way hubby could continue to be so juvenile is because she allows it.

    Quote Originally Posted by alohatanning
    DO you guys have any other questions?
    Yeah, do you have SpellCheck?

    I'll admit that the editing caused me to take an initial dislike to you, but by the programs end I was over it. You and your husband seem like great folks.

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots View Post
    I loved tattoo mom. The only bad thing I can say about her is that she's an enabler..
    ..and she has those gawdawful "stars" tattoo'd to her forehead. Wtf?
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno View Post
    ..and she has those gawdawful "stars" tattoo'd to her forehead. Wtf?
    To tell you the truth, I didn't really notice too much, as I had to look away every time she was onscreen. Tattoos give me the creeps. But that's more my problem than hers I guess.

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    YEs I do have spell check but half the time I am writing on my sidekick becasue I am at my salons.. I am in the rpocess of opening another one so I type slower than my mind goes... LOL I do apologize. YEsI agree they are very child like. Difference are.. I am not amking any excuses for the way my husband and I are. However, we do not blame the rest of the world for the way we are. We are adults and there is no need to put such inadequate thoughts into our heads or our childrens for that matter. They have way to much anger in them. We are adults we should stand up in our beliefs, not blame them on the rest of the world. ALso, who takes there kids to watch people torture themselves, or go "bicker" in a public restaurant? INSANE.. My husband and I totally believe that all children have is there innocense, once the lose that, what have we given them as parents? Let them develop on their own, but if we are going ot make an example lets make one that more than 2 percent of the world follow....
    Thanks guys

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    Anybody watching tonight? Yahoo! I am getting a thump out of old-fashioned mom getting a reality check and finding out that these pierced and tattooed people ARE CHRISTIANS!!!! LOVING IT! But... I wonder why Metal Mom was so offended by getting a Bible, if she is really a Christian. Going into such a different situation, seeing that we had at least one thing in common would be a huge relief to me.

    Question, though... doesn't metal dad look an awful lot like other dads we've seen? I'm wondering if he's recycled?

    Now, old-fashioned dad, "My house, my rules." Errr. excuse me? Did he not sign up for this and agree to the rules? Get over it, doofus. I think she should make him dye his hair goth black and wear eye makeup! And maybe get his lip pierced. (Edit - after hearing him talk some more, I'd pierce both lips and run a tight ring through them so he can't speak.)

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    Alohatanning... My question: Do they encourage you guys to say things that are judgmental and critical of the other moms and families? I always cringe when I hear all the nasty little barbs when they first look around and at the post-interview. You said some things there that I thought were very unkind. I honestly can't imagine going on national TV and treating someone else the way some of these people treat each other. For example, in this week's show, Old Fart Dad is being a complete, judgmental, refusing to listen jerk. I'd think he'd be ashamed to act like that with cameras on. I have to wonder why he'd do that, unless the show kind of scripts it. There is probably another side, but he did do and say these things, so he can't claim he was misquoted or misrepresented.

    There does seem to be a kind of formula: Moms come in and snark each others' homes and lifestyles. They struggle to get along, and try to do the things the other moms did. They have some kind of blowout where they say how their own family would never do such things. Then there's rule change week. Dad rebels. Kids rebel. Then they come around and start to find things they like. Re-integration with real family - running across parking lot, crying, etc. Snarking at each other. Some nice things said. Revisit - both families learned a thing or two. It's fun to watch, but a little predictable.


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    Oh good. OF dad is going away mad! Hey, long as he goes away!

    Seriously, I thought Metal mum was an angel the way she stayed calm and put up with his tantrums. I thank God I don't know him. He probably should thank God too. LOL.


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