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Thread: 'Skating With the Stars' Cast Announced

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    Have they said when this will be on the air? It will be worth watching just to over John Zimmerman, and I look forward to seeing Tai again.

    I took adult figure skating lessons for 4 years and I can't imagine being able to learn jumps and spins that quickly, although none of them are as old as I was when I started.

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    I'm also looking forware to watching this. I started skating when I was four years old and I've loved watching figure skating all my life. I wish I knew when it was going to start airing.

    Many people don't call it a sport, but these skaters, like gymnasts, are true athletes.

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    * Kristy Swanson with two-time Olympic pairs figure skating medalist and world champion Lloyd Eisler
    * Deborah Gibson with four-time world figure skating champion Kurt Browning
    * Television personality, reporter and weather forecaster Jillian Barberie with three-time U.S. pairs figure skating champion and world championship medalist John Zimmerman
    I love all three of these guys--Lloyd Eisler is an unbelievable pairs skater, Kurt is cute, funny and lightning-fast, and John is so pretty.

    I mocked this show when I first heard about it (like DWTS, which I watched religiously) but I'm such a skating whore I'm sure I'll be watching. Of course, I'll be thinking of the SNL skit where Jason Priestly played an Olympic skater who was basically wiping the ice with his body (speaking of whom, I wonder if he'll be on a future season, if there is one?) while the commentators (I think David Spade was playing Scott Hamilton) "oohed" sympathetically every time he fell.

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    This sounds like great casting with the exception of Jillian Barberie. I can't stand her, but someone was telling me she claims to be a major klutz, so maybe we'll get to see some hilarious pratfalls.
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    OMG this show sounds hilarious! I just love Kurt Browning! I can't wait to see this!!

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